That’s Cute Wish I Could Get It, Art Project Picasso, Where’s My Dad, and Girl Dinner

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Top TikTok Trends This Week:

Art Project Picasso

Hm That’s Cute, Wish I Could Get It

Girl Dinner

Where’s My Dad I’m All Alone

Art Project Picasso TikTok Trend

Show off your latest art project whether that’s your eyebrows, a mess you’ve made, or even a mistake. TikTok videos featuring this trending sound show people or animals encountering something unexpected, such as art work from prison, a presentation with too many fonts and colors, or even a beautiful sunset.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Betch

Sound description: what’s this? It’s an art project.. okay I like it Picasso


Hahaha I’m done #lashlift #browlamination #comedy #picasso #fyp


I suggest few tweaks, mike #corporate #corporateamerica #corporatehumor #workjokes #millennial #over30 #wfh #officetok #powerpoint #corporatelife


Okay I like it Picasso 😙 #fyp #bride2023 #diybride #diycricut #cricut #bridesmaids #proposalbox #bridesmaidbox @cricut

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

When baby sends you prison art work🥰

when you ask your dad for a humidifier and he comes home with this

“What’s so special about this toilet?”

Me live painting at my art show:

when my boss sends me a PPT they made on their own that has 4 different fonts & 3 color schemes

Turning my car on this morning & realizing my car unlocked a new emoji

All of our show horses had never seen a mule before…

i helped build these houses

Early 00s fatphobia

me when there’s even the slightest bit of color in the sunseToday’s edition is brought to you by beehiivThe Newsletter Platform Built for Growth

Hmm That’s Cute, Wish I Could Get It

Throwback to Vine 2015 “How to drop a subtle hint that you want something at the store” this trend is all about dropping hints, either to a partner, a parent, or just the universe in general on something you want. Videos using this trending TikTok sound with CapCut Template are showing their dream cars, mansions on zillow, and sharing tips on how to get your partner to buy something without having to ask.

CapCut Template Link

🎵 Sound: original sound – Brittany

Sound description: Hmm, that’s cute. I wish I could get it, but…


#shopping #husbandwife #spoiled


PPD/PPA is so common, but i had never heard anyone talk abt it, so thought i was the only one #ppa #ppd #newbornphase #newmom #2023mom #ex… See more


#realtor #cute #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funnyvideos #silly #realestateagent #realtor #dontbescared

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

How I play my husband to buy me what I want when he’s with me while I’m “browsing”

POV: You start looking up multi- million dollar listings

Manifesting the next chapter of my life

When I hear other moms say the newborn phase was their favorite & they didn’t have crippling anxiety after having their baby

me when my bestie just got a finished basement and didn’t even ask me if I wanted one too

Showing my husband Escalades every week like..

Me every time I’m showing my husband the homes on Cape Cod I found on Zillow.

Me showing my husband this car everyday until he gets its for me 😈😈

Me looking at the 3200 things In my Amazon cart

Me showing my husband Jeep Wranglers every week like…….

POV : You telling your husband every week call The Realtor and let’s stop renting.

Girl Dinner

TikTok is switching it up from the inspirational and motivating nutritious meals with girls showing off their dinners that are less impressive but much more relatable. #girldinner has also been topping the charts for trending hashtags on tiktok all week. Example 3 (old age filter + asking for girl dinner in the nursing home in 2080 wins funniest video i’ve seen all week).

🎵 Sound: original sound – karma carr

Sound description: This is my meal, I call this girl dinner. Girl dinner! Girl dinner!


Girlllll dinnerrrrr #food #macandcheese #dinonuggets #dinnerideas




my apologies to the staff in advance…. creds: @Olivia Maher #aged #fyp #girldinner #filter

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

✨girl dinner✨

This is my meal I call this…

Girl Dinner

Where’s My Dad I’m All Alone

When you’re a grown adult but also a newborn baby at the same time. This TikTok Trend’s common theme is feeling overwhelmed by adult responsibilities. Whether it be a parent not completing a task, dealing with financial matters, having to take care of a house or car, or having to manage a job, these TikTok users all share a sense of being overwhelmed by the pressures of adulthood.

The original video comes from BCCT children’s theatre promoting the premier of their new show Finding Nemo JR. The CapCut template features the boy holding new and singing that users are overlaying over footage matching the theme of their captions.

Caput Template Link

🎵 Sound: original sound – 🙂

Sound description: Where’s my dad? I’m all alone. I’m too small to be here on my own. I swam away, cause I got mad. But now I really need him. Where’s my dad?


BCCT presents: Finding Nemo JR August 4, 5 & 6th! @ Grunin Center for the Arts … See more


Haaaallllpppp. 🫠 #corporatetok #corporatetiktok #9to5 #corporatemillennial #eldermillenial #eldermillennial #workhumor #corporatehumor #iamthemanager


#foryoupage #mechanic #fyp #trending #nemo #wheresmydad

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

When the mechanic tells me my car needs more than an oil change

When someone at my corporate job asks me a question expecting me to know the answer bc I’m the manager but I’m just a 38 year old teenager

When you’re a grown adult at the DMV to update your expired car registration…

When my dog got stuck because my dad didn’t finish shoveling her path

me when the car needs more gas

When I go to get my oil changed and the guy starts asking me questions about my car

me when anyone asks me any type of financial question

Me when my bank account goes in the negatives

When you own a house and now are in charge of the yard work

Just a couple kids wandering an airport hoping their dad has their boarding passes

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