🐰 Easter, NootNoot, and Leaving My Body

🐰 Easter, NootNoot, and Leaving My Body

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🐰 Easter Content Ideas

Easter Baskets
Easter Basket DIY


Easter Games
Easter Game TikTok Video


Easter Food
Easter Food TikTok Video


Easter Hashtags

🔥 Top Trends This Week


This trend uses the theme song from HBO’s Succession. It’s really versatile and people have been using it to share DIY life hacks, educational information, or even show off their house or the view from their window. You can also use it to make a parody of Succession itself.

succession tiktok trend.gif



This CapCut trend features the adorable penguin Pingu! Start off with text that expresses a situation that makes you angry and then it shows Pingu disassociating and planning revenge. (Use the sound provided with the CapCut template. There isn’t a specific sound trending on TikTok for this.)

NootNoot Gif


The __ leaving my body

Use this sound and pair it with text describing something that brings joy or meaning to your life! Sit up or stand up as though you’re coming back to life.

LeavingMyBody Gif


📢 Trending Hashtags This Week

🔉 Trending Sounds This Week

📰 TikTok News and Updates

💸 TikTok is facing the threat of a ban in the US, but you know who doesn’t seem to care? Advertisers! Ad spending on the app actually went up by 11% last month. Big players like Apple, Amazon, Pepsi, and DoorDash were among the top spenders. It’s pretty wild that even with all the security concerns surrounding TikTok, companies are still willing to invest in it. Some top ad agencies aren’t even advising their clients to reduce their spending on the platform. Looks like TikTok is still making moves despite the uncertainty around its future!

 🚫Only 22% of Americans oppose TikTok Ban: It’s looking like most Americans actually support the ban on TikTok, with only 22% opposing it, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

Other interesting finds from this study:

  • About 28% of people surveyed were unsure about their stance on the matter, leaving us with a pretty even split between those in favor and those against a ban.
  • TikTok users themselves were among the most likely to oppose a ban, with 56% saying they’re against it.
  • 19% of TikTok users are actually in support of a ban.