That’s Cute Wish I Could Get It, Art Project Picasso, Where’s My Dad, and Girl Dinner

Trend Report Featured Image - Where's My Dad Trend

Top TikTok Trends This Week:

  • Where’s My Dad I’m All Alone
  • Girl Dinner
  • Cute, Wish I Could Get It
  • Art Project Picasso

Where’s My Dad I’m All Alone

When you’re a grown adult but also a newborn baby at the same time. This TikTok Trend’s common theme is feeling overwhelmed by adult responsibilities. Whether it be a parent not completing a task, dealing with financial matters, having to take care of a house or car, or having to manage a job, these TikTok users all share a sense of being overwhelmed by the pressures of adulthood.

The original video comes from BCCT children’s theatre promoting the premier of their new show Finding Nemo JR. The CapCut template features the boy holding new and singing that users are overlaying over footage matching the theme of their captions.

Caput Template Link

🎵 Sound: original sound – 🙂

Sound description: Where’s my dad? I’m all alone. I’m too small to be here on my own. I swam away, cause I got mad. But now I really need him. Where’s my dad?


BCCT presents: Finding Nemo JR August 4, 5 & 6th! @ Grunin Center for the Arts #findingnemojr #findingnemo #childrenstheatre #theatrekids #nemo #fisharefriendsnotfood #musicaltheatre #oceancountynj #grunincenterforthearts

♬ original sound – 🙂


Haaaallllpppp. 🫠 #corporatetok #corporatetiktok #9to5 #corporatemillennial #eldermillenial #eldermillennial #workhumor #corporatehumor #iamthemanager

♬ original sound – 🙂


#foryoupage #mechanic #fyp #trending #nemo #wheresmydad

♬ original sound – 🙂

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When the mechanic tells me my car needs more than an oil change
  • When someone at my corporate job asks me a question expecting me to know the answer bc I’m the manager but I’m just a 38 year old teenager
  • When you’re a grown adult at the DMV to update your expired car registration…
  • When my dog got stuck because my dad didn’t finish shoveling her path
  • me when the car needs more gas
  • When I go to get my oil changed and the guy starts asking me questions about my car
  • me when anyone asks me any type of financial question
  • Me when my bank account goes in the negatives
  • When you own a house and now are in charge of the yard work
  • Just a couple kids wandering an airport hoping their dad has their boarding passes


What is the ‘Where’s My Dad I’m All Alone’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Where’s my dad, I’m all alone” trend on TikTok humorously and poignantly taps into the sentiment many feel about navigating the often confusing maze of adult responsibilities. Through the sound clip, which originates from BCCT children’s theatre’s promotion for Finding Nemo JR, users are given the chance to wear their vulnerabilities on their sleeves, addressing the inner child’s longing for guidance in a world of grown-up challenges.

The CapCut template, featuring the boy singing about his vulnerability and search for his dad, serves as a metaphorical representation of many people’s feelings of unpreparedness when faced with adult tasks. Despite being technically “grown-up”, many feel like they’ve been thrust into situations where they are clueless or unprepared. This TikTok trend acknowledges this collective feeling, allowing users to share their comical and relatable moments of feeling out of depth in the adult world.

From dealing with car issues and not knowing what questions the mechanic is asking, to navigating the intimidating halls of a corporate job as a manager while feeling internally like a teenager, the trend brings a light-hearted touch to the often overwhelming experience of adulthood. Even seemingly simple tasks like filling up a car with gas or navigating the intricacies of home ownership become humorous admissions of feeling lost without a guiding hand.

In essence, the “Where’s my dad, I’m all alone” trend is a humorous nod to the universal sentiment of feeling like a little fish in a big pond when it comes to adult responsibilities. It resonates because it serves as a reminder that everyone, at some point, feels overwhelmed and wishes for a helping hand, even if they’re technically all grown up.

Girl Dinner

TikTok is switching it up from the inspirational and motivating nutritious meals with girls showing off their dinners that are less impressive but much more relatable. #girldinner has also been topping the charts for trending hashtags on tiktok all week. Example video 3 (old age filter + asking for girl dinner in the nursing home in 2080 wins funniest video i’ve seen all week).

🎵 Sound: original sound – karma carr

Sound description: This is my meal, I call this girl dinner. Girl dinner! Girl dinner!


Girlllll dinnerrrrr #food #macandcheese #dinonuggets #dinnerideas

♬ original sound - karma carr



♬ original sound – karma carr


my apologies to the staff in advance…. creds: @Olivia Maher #aged #fyp #girldinner #filter

♬ original sound – Becca Bastos

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • ✨girl dinner✨
  • This is my meal I call this…
  • *Girl Dinner*

What is the ‘Girl Dinner’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Girl Dinner” trend on TikTok offers a fresh, humorous perspective on meals. Instead of spotlighting lavish, gourmet, or particularly healthy dishes, users participating in this trend showcase meals that are realistically simple, sometimes random, and entirely relatable.

The essence of this trend revolves around the soundbite, “This is my meal, I call this girl dinner. Girl dinner! Girl dinner!” This catchy jingle acts as the backdrop to TikTokers revealing their unique, sometimes quirky, meal choices, emphasizing the “girl dinner” label. The sentiment seems to be a playful nod to meals that many might consider “unimpressive” or “non-traditional,” but which, in reality, many people find themselves having from time to time.

Using the hashtag #girldinner, creators have shared videos of quick fixes, random assortments of snacks, or even the occasional treat that hardly resembles a traditional “meal” but serves as dinner anyway. It’s an amusing take on the reality that not every meal is Instagram-worthy, and sometimes what’s on the plate is a mix of whatever’s available or what one is craving at the moment.

Perhaps what’s most captivating about this trend is its relatability. Many viewers watch these videos and see a reflection of their own less-than-conventional meal choices. There’s a shared camaraderie in admitting that sometimes dinner is just a random assortment of snacks or a single type of food. One standout video amusingly uses an old age filter and projects the trend into the year 2080, suggesting the timeless nature of the “girl dinner” concept.

In summary, the “Girl Dinner” trend humorously celebrates the imperfect, spontaneous meals we all occasionally have. By juxtaposing against the more polished food content often seen on social media, this trend finds humor in reality and brings a dose of relatable content to TikTok’s vast audience.

Cute, Wish I Could Get It

Throwback to Vine 2015 “How to drop a subtle hint that you want something at the store” this trend is all about dropping hints, either to a partner, a parent, or just the universe in general on something you want. Videos using this trending TikTok sound with CapCut Template are showing their dream cars, mansions on zillow, and sharing tips on how to get your partner to buy something without having to ask.

CapCut Template Link

🎵 Sound: original sound – Brittany

Sound description: Hmm, that’s cute. I wish I could get it, but…


#shopping #husbandwife #spoiled

♬ original sound – Brittany


PPD/PPA is so common, but i had never heard anyone talk abt it, so thought i was the only one #ppa #ppd #newbornphase #newmom #2023mom #expectingmoms #pregnancytips #newborntips #maternalmentalhealth

♬ original sound – Brittany


#realtor #cute #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funnyvideos #silly #realestateagent #realtor #dontbescared

♬ original sound – Brittany

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • How I play my husband to buy me what I want when he’s with me while I’m “browsing”
  • POV: You start looking up multi- million dollar listings
  • Manifesting the next chapter of my life
  • When I hear other moms say the newborn phase was their favorite & they didn’t have crippling anxiety after having their baby
  • me when my bestie just got a finished basement and didn’t even ask me if I wanted one too
  • Showing my husband Escalades every week like..
  • Me every time I’m showing my husband the homes on Cape Cod I found on Zillow.
  • Me showing my husband this car everyday until he gets its for me 😈😈
  • Me looking at the 3200 things In my Amazon cart
  • Me showing my husband Jeep Wranglers every week like…….
  • POV : You telling your husband every week call The Realtor and let’s stop renting.

What is the ‘Cute, Wish I Could Get It’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Cute, Wish I Could Get It” trend on TikTok playfully dives into the art of dropping hints. Drawing inspiration from a Vine in 2015 about hinting at wanting something in a store, this trend illuminates the comedic and sometimes aspirational ways individuals indirectly express their desires.

The sound, featuring a voice saying “Hmm, that’s cute. I wish I could get it, but…” perfectly encapsulates that feeling of wanting something but either not having the means to get it or not wanting to overtly ask for it. This, paired with the CapCut template, provides the ultimate setup for TikTokers to showcase their dream items or lifestyles, whether they’re attainable luxuries or wildly out of reach.

The trend resonates with a wide audience, from those who have playfully tried to get a partner to buy them something to those who dream about luxuries like mansions on Zillow. Each iteration is a light-hearted jest at the human desire to acquire or attain something, be it materialistic, aspirational, or even emotional.

From leveraging their husband’s presence during “browsing” sessions to manifesting luxurious life chapters, the creators tap into the shared sentiment of longing, all with a humorous undertone. This trend also highlights the universal nature of wanting something just out of reach or the sometimes comedic lengths we’ll go to try to get them, be it a new car, a home, or simply a moment of peace in the chaotic journey of motherhood.

In sum, the “Cute, Wish I Could Get It” trend is a jovial take on our human tendencies to desire and hint. It brings together a community of dreamers, jesters, and hint-droppers, making for a relatable and laugh-out-loud collective experience.

Art Project Picasso

Show off your latest art project whether that’s your eyebrows, a mess you’ve made, or even a mistake. TikTok videos featuring this trending sound show people or animals encountering something unexpected, such as art work from prison, a presentation with too many fonts and colors, or even a beautiful sunset.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Betch

Sound description: what’s this? It’s an art project.. okay I like it Picasso


Hahaha I’m done #lashlift #browlamination #comedy #picasso #fyp

♬ original sound – Betch


I suggest few tweaks, mike #corporate #corporateamerica #corporatehumor #workjokes #millennial #over30 #wfh #officetok #powerpoint #corporatelife

♬ original sound – Betch


Okay I like it Picasso 😙 #fyp #bride2023 #diybride #diycricut #cricut #bridesmaids #proposalbox #bridesmaidbox @cricut

♬ original sound – Betch

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When baby sends you prison art work🥰
  • when you ask your dad for a humidifier and he comes home with this
  • “What’s so special about this toilet?”
  • Me live painting at my art show:
  • when my boss sends me a PPT they made on their own that has 4 different fonts & 3 color schemes
  • Turning my car on this morning & realizing my car unlocked a new emoji
  • All of our show horses had never seen a mule before…
  • i helped build these houses
  • Early 00s fatphobia
  • me when there’s even the slightest bit of color in the sunset