Inverted Filters, SpedUp Song Trend, TikTok’s Heating button

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Hey, it’s me.. your friend that spends all week researching TikTok trends and then sends them to you in a short and sweet email with no fluff!

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    #inverted:Inverted Filter + using the back camera + flash to improve quality and clarity of your videos.

    #horrify:Horrify Filter – activated by smiling, gives you glowing red eyes and a haunting smile from – literally – ear to ear.

    #fridaynight:Vlog, Routine, Getting off on friday, Going out on friday, POV

    #ohmickeyyoursofineUsed with trending sound “Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate”

    #saturdayvibes#saturdaymorning#saturdaymood:All the saturdays! Used for Vlogs, Routines, GRWMRecipes, Inspiration, Motivation, you get the drift.

    #greengreengrass:Used with “Green Green Grass (Sped-Up)- George Ezra”

    #Perkydance: Used with “Perc & Sex – YN Jay”

    #Caturday:Cat people posting.. you guessed it, their cats.



        TikTok News Snippets

        More than what meets the algorithm: Inside sources have revealed that Tiktok Employees have a secret “heating” feature, where they can boost videos into the For You feed manually in order to achieve a certain number of views.

        Millennials are buying multimillion-dollar homes via TikTok: Real estate agents giving an immersive #housetour is more than just entertainment, these videos are actually driving sales by young buyers, even amid a slowdown of the U.S. property market.

        Tiktok ban in the Senate again: Sen. Josh Hawley says he’ll introduce legislation to ban TikTok nationwide, calling the App “China’s backdoor into Americans’ lives”. A similar bill was unveiled by other lawmakers in the House and Senate in the last Congress, but it was not considered in either chamber.