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Dumb ways to die, Denial is a river in Egypt, & Mental Health Awareness

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📢 Trending Hashtags

Dumb Ways to Die: like ridiculousness – but for TikTok! Videos of stunts, fails, and near misses.
  • #dumbwaystodye: (1.6k posts)
Hear Me Out: all about giving everyone a voice, whether it’s voicing an opinion, sharing your story, or just having a laugh.
  • #hearmeout (1.9k posts)
Denial is a river in Egypt: recognizing and overcoming denial, encourages people to be honest with themselves or show off the results of overcoming denial.
  • #denialisariverinegypt (1.1k posts)
Album Cover: turning anything into an album cover, from pictures of your pet to a $0 budget home photoshoot.
  • #albumcover (10.4k posts)
  • #albumcoverchallenge (3.3kposts)
The Mondays: inspiring others to start the week off on a positive note, by sharing videos of their morning routines, favorite activities, and healthy habits.
  • #mondaymotivation (9.3kposts)
  • #mondaymood (4.5kposts)
  • #motivationmonday (2.3kposts)
Ice Spice: American Rapper, Ice Spice’s recently released song “In Ha Mood”
  • #icespiceedit (688posts)
  • #inhamood (1.5kposts)
Mental Health: giving everyone a platform to talk about mental health, with topics like postpartum depression and narcissistic abuse trending.
  • #ppd (2.7kposts)
  • #ppa (1.7kposts)
  • #postpartumdepresssion (1.2kposts)
  • #postpartumanxiety (1.1kposts)
  • #narcissistic (1.4kposts)
Community Building: an increase in topics related to Latinx content creation and Latina follow trains.
  • #latinacontentcreator (4.1kposts)
  • #latinafollowtrain (2.3kposts)
Weather: The crazy winter weather is anything but boring, especially in Texas this week.
  • #texasweather (2.6kposts)
  • #sleet (944posts)
  • #freezing (1.4kposts)
  • #icestorm (1.3kposts)
  • #winterweather (755posts)
Football: the Super Bowl is just around the corner, so it’s no surprise that many of the Top 100 Trending Hashtags were about football teams and players.
  • #superbowl (29.8kposts)
  • #chiefs (30.5k)
  • #philadelphiaeagles (15.7k)

🔊 Trending Sounds

BREAKOUT (On the Rise)

MOVERS AND SHAKERS (Movement on the Top 100)

Top Trending Sounds

Original sound – akilotho (29.7K videos)
Original sound – yrrrfav.arab (143.8K posts) contains music from Club Time – Gumu
Pass or Smash – The Simple Touches (68K posts) contains music from “Simple Pleasantries – Arthur Benson” 🔥
Original sound – innit._.13 – it was never meant to be o7 (76.5K posts) Soldier, Poet, King trend
TYSM FOR USING MY SOUND – Isabql <3 (393K posts) contains music from: Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate
Original sound – j7nszn (56.8K posts) contains music from: Miss The Rage – Trippie Redd & Playboi Carti | I miss the rage trend
Ac r7sheed – rhy (39.7K videos) – ICE SPICE 🔥
theoldestdaughter1 – Anka (31.6K videos) 🔥

Predicted to Rise

its a wrap for you baby mcarenaudios (640.9K videos) 🔥
original sound – tuckerbudzyn (37.9K videos) 🔥

Top Charts – Songs

original sound -Uli Lepe (202.4K videos)
original sound – arizonatear (52.4K videos) 🔥
I try not to km.. – h (32.5K videos)
original sound – aeholland (389.2K videos)