TikTok Trends: 2023 Valentine’s Day Special 💕

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Valentine’s Day Hashtags
  • #valentinesday2023
  • #valentines
  • #valentinesdaygifts
  • #valentinesdayoutfitideas
  • #valentinestreats
  • #valentinesmood
  • #valentinesfinds


Valentine’s Content Ideas

DIY Cards

Treat Boxes 

Gift Baskets

Gift Idea List

Will Arrive Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the Life

Countdown of Gifts

Countdown Days until Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Top TikTok Sounds

Valentine’s Day TikTok Trends

It’s this easy (grabbing a quick gift from the store)

Single on Valentine’s Day

Jeffrey Dahmer Cap-Cut Template
Galentine’s Day

Applying it to Any Niche

📢 Trending Hashtags on TikTok This Week

Black History Month: creators using their platform to spread awareness on everything from Black culture and history to current civil rights issues.
  • #blackhistorymonth (111.6K posts)
  • #bhm (27.2K posts)
  • #blacklivesmatter (23.7K posts)
  • #blm (17.8K posts)
Album Cover: back for the second week in a row, turning pictures of pretty much anything into an album cover.
  • #albumcover (49.7K posts)
  • #albumcoverchallenge (10.1K posts)
Handbags: creators are showing off their knowledge and taste in high-end products.
  • #luxurybag (3.7K posts)
  • #designerbag (2.2K posts)
Dumb Ways to Die: back for the 2nd week, dangerous stunts, fails, and questionable choices.
  • #dumbwaystodye (11.K posts)
  • dumbwaystodiee (7.2K posts)
Side Eye:  expressing disbelief, skepticism, or even annoyance when someone says or does something outrageous.
  • #sideeye (8.8K posts)
Community Building: back for 2nd week, Latinas are creating a community on TikTok by sharing stories of empowerment and cultural pride.
  • #latinastiktok (12.9K posts)
  • #latinacontentcreator (6.7K posts)
Over 40: The over-40 mom crowd is making waves on TikTok thanks to their dance moves, life advice, and humorous takes on aging.
  • #over40club (7.1K posts)
  • #over40mom (6.4K posts)

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📰 TikTok News & Updates

More Ways to Boost 🚀: TikTok is adding new boosting features for its Promote advertising tool. Advertisers now have access to new promote goals that will drive traffic back to their TikTok page with the “more profile views” goal, or straight to their inbox with the “more messages” goal. TikTok’s Updated Account Enforcement 🚨: TikTok has updated its account enforcement system to provide clarity and transparency around consequences for violating Community Guidelines, introduce a tiered approach to penalties, and improve the appeals process. This will help create a safe, healthy, and creative environment on the platform. Widening the Gap 💨: TikTok is dominating the US app market for young people, beating competitors like YouTube and Instagram in terms of user numbers. According to a new study, TikTok’s lead over YouTube has only widened since it took over as the top app in 2020.