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      painting pictures – superstar the one and only(284.5k videos) momma don’t worry

      original sound – something.2.nothing (96.5k) 🔥 background music

      bug collector cover – Ben Scott (110.8k videos) 🔥 background music

      original sound – Niana Guerrero(32.2k videos) rude boy sped up

      som original – j_nypc (47.1k videos) background music

      original sound – yjamarijamari(39.7k videos) ice spice

      original sound – connorsaep(159.3k videos) me obsessed w/ you (remix)

      original sound – razorthoughtsrazorthoughts (14.8k videos) ain’t that yo friend

      It’s Called: Freefall (Sped Up) – Rainbow Kitten Surprise 🔥 (601.0k videos)

      original sound – faarapumeagggz (271.5K videos) left right left challenge

      PRETTY BOY FLOWSTURDYYOUNGINN🥷🏽™️ (160.1k videos)

      Every Single Thing – Homeshake 🔥 (31.2k videos)

      TikTok News Snippets

      TikTok rolls out new teen and family controls ⏱️: the app announced new well-being features for its teen users, families and the broader community. The company is introducing more custom options for screen time controls, including a 60-minute daily limit for accounts belonging to users under 18. TikTok is also expanding its Family Pairing tool with more parental controls, such as the ability to filter videos with words or hashtags that caregivers don’t want their teen to watch. Caregivers can also customize daily screen time limits for their teen and set a schedule to mute notifications. TikTok is working with parenting, youth and civil society organizations to design these features.

      Why won’t TikTok confirm the Bold Glamour filter is AI 🤖TikTok rolled out new AI tools for filters last month. But the company won’t say if its new Bold Glamour effect uses them — and the reaction to the filter isn’t entirely positive.

      Biden approved to decide fate of TikTok as US ban nears 🚫: The US House Foreign Affairs Committee has granted President Joe Biden authority to ban Tiktok, depending on his evaluation of the situation, amidst ongoing security concerns.