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Do you feel Bonita, FashionTok, Community Guideline Changes

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🔥 Top Trends This Week​

Do You Feel Bonita

based off of a sound from the show Family Guy. Lip sync along with the script and show off someone you love and want to hype up!

What do you want now?

This trend is based off of a sound from Keeping up with the Kardashians. Lip sync along with the dialogue and caption it with text that describes someone or something that’s annoying you

Be Many Things

All you need is one picture for this CapCut Template trend. Comedically tell the world about an appointment you have coming up or make any other announcement- large or small.

📰 News & Updates

TikTok’s Community Guideline Update

TikTok’s Community Guideline Update has updated its Community Guidelines, which will go into effect on April 21, 2023.

AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content, also known as synthetic media, is allowed on TikTok as long as it is clearly labeled and does not feature private individuals or violate policies against hate speech, sexual exploitation, and severe harassment. Public figures over 18 can be used with restrictions; they cannot be used in audio or video for political or commercial endorsements to mislead users.

Protection Of Tribes

TikTok has added Tribes to its list of protected attributes in order to prevent hateful behavior, hate speech and hateful ideologies. They provide resources and tools to help identify bullying behavior and protect users from it. Users can also configure their settings accordingly to prevent any further harm.

Civil And Election Integrity

TikTok has implemented several new policies to ensure civil and election integrity on the platform. They have prohibited paid political promotion, advertising, and fundraising by politicians or parties. Moderators will receive additional training to enforce these new policies effectively and content that includes misinformation about voting processes or election results will not be eligible to appear in the For You Feed.