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You Thought it Was Over, Bombastic Side-Eye, and Me Obsessed with Me

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🔥 Top Trends This Week​

Bombastic Side-Eye

No lipsyncing necessary! Just capture yourself giving the side eye to someone. This does really well with pets too!

Me obsessed with me?

This is a fun filter trend! Use the “Hair Dye Split” TikTok Filter to see yourself go from one hair color to another color and pair it with this trending sound!

Thought It Was Over

Super new trend – blowing up in the past couple days! Lip Sync to this and put text on the screen to describe a situation where you are going to keep doing something that you want to do whether you should or shouldn’t.

📢 Trending Hashtags

#characterai: Videos with the hashtag ‘characterai’ feature content related to character.ai, which lets you create Characters and talk to them. #chicharron: Is there a new chicharron – guacamole trend? Videos with the hashtag ‘chicharron’ feature a variety of Mexican and Filipino dishes, giant chicharron in an ice storm, and chicharron burnt ends. Strangely, these videos often feature guacamole, cats, and ASMR elements. #coachella: Videos with the hashtag ‘coachella’ include influencer vlogs of the 2023 Coachella festival. #coachella2023: On Coachella Day 1, a user is waking up at 6am to get ready for the day. They have a camping hub video and GRWM and OOTDs coming soon. They are also sharing festival outfit inspiration and rave outfit styling for Coachella 2023. A POV influencer is also sharing their experience at the festival, and Becky G is bringing Marca MP to Coachella 2023. #coachellaoutfit: features fashionable outfits for the Coachella music festival. Many of the videos feature DIY sewing projects and design ideas, such as Fairychella, to create unique and stylish looks. Others feature concert-goers showing off their outfits. #happythursday: People are sharing videos with the hashtag ‘happythursday’ to celebrate the start of the weekend. Videos range from inspirational quotes to food recipes, drinks, and more. People are showing off their homemade pineapple daiquiris, Panera soup and cookie recipes, and other fun activities. #mothersdaygiftideas: Videos with the hashtag ‘mothersdaygiftideas’ feature a range of ideas for Mother’s Day 2023 (Sun, May 14, 2023) #nickname and #nicknames: Videos with the hashtag ‘nicknames’ cover a variety of topics related to the use of nicknames. They include funny jokes about the English language, parenting tips, advice on giving babies nicknames, and pranks between siblings. The videos show that nicknames can be a fun way to bond with family and friends. #onthisday: #OnThisDay videos commemorate special moments from the past. #rizz:, #rizzgod, #wrizz , and#rizzler: Videos with the hashtag feature a variety of content, including memes, humor, relatable content, and prank videos. #sephorasale2023: #sephorasale  and #sephorafavorites: People are getting ready for the Sephora Sale 2023 by posting their favorite products, makeup must-haves, hauls, and recommendations. #sometimesallyouneed: This video is about the trend of showing appreciation for one’s best friend. It features a woman and her best friend, as well as her coworkers, cousins, and other friends. The hashtag #sometimesallyouneed is used to emphasize the importance of having a best friend. The video also promotes hard work, women’s empowerment, and having fun. #thursdayvibes: Videos with the hashtag ‘thursdayvibes’ include people duetting with each other, funny memes, Drake’s song ‘God’s Plan’, close calls, funny moments, viral videos, cool omggggg challenges, prayers, Elvis Parker Jones, life flashing before one’s eyes, TikTok videos, mother-daughter dates, vlogs, morning routines, becoming a mom, interactive vlogs, ASMR, and making drinks. #warmweather: As the warm weather comes to New York, people are feeling their serotonin levels rising and are ready to get their personality back. They’re taking advantage of this warm weather by wearing stylish and functional outfits. People are also sharing their excitement for the warm weather, as well as their hopes for the future when life will look different. People are using hashtags such as #warmweather, #spring, #cottagecore, and #fairycore to express their joy.

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