Keep These Good Vibes Going, What are you doing, Why Is Everyone Acting Weird Toward Me?

Keep These Good Vibes Going, What are you doing, Why Is Everyone Acting Weird Toward Me?

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What are you doing?

Ooops! Did you get caught? Use this capcut trend with a still photograph as the background. For the text explain a situation where you were doing something you weren’t supposed to or got caught doing!

Why Is Everyone Acting Weird Toward Me?

This sound clip from the Jersey Shore is great for lip syncing to! Use the text to explain a situation where you might have done something embarrassing or cringy. Or, just a situation where you felt like you drew attention to yourself.

Keep These Good Vibes Going

Use this sound with text to describe a situation where you start an activity and then want to keep going! You can easily do this with a friend!

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#donttrythisathome: features videos of people doing dangerous and sometimes hilarious stunts that should not be tried at home. From unboxing a venomous scorpion, waxing an armpit, extreme parkour and urban exploring, these videos show people doing things that are not for the faint of heart. #ai: AI is all over the top charts again this week. #aibot and #myai feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots. These videos range from humorous skits to serious conversations about the implications of AI. #taketherisk: all about taking risks and pushing yourself to achieve success. Videos with this hashtag often feature entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers talking about their journey to success, and how taking risks has helped them get to where they are. Other videos feature motivational speakers, life coaches, and money coaches giving advice on how to take risks and make the most of opportunities. #fridayvibes: #FridayVibes is trending again this week with videos of people celebrating the end of the week and the start of the weekend. Videos include people dancing, playing games, and enjoying drinks with friends. Related trending hashtags: #friyay#happyfriday#itsfriday , #tgif. #henna: people are showing off their henna art skills. These videos range from tutorials to finished pieces, and some even feature henna hair designs. #ifiwereafish: featuring the song ‘If I Were a Fish’ centered around the idea of kindness and understanding. #justhangingaround: Whether it’s building in The Sims, playing Beetlejuice, or just hanging out with friends, this hashtag is all about having a good time. Videos tagged with this hashtag feature people playing games, enjoying fast food, making jokes, and having a good time with friends. It’s also about being creative and making the most of the time you have. #mercuryretrograde: Mercury Retrograde is a time of confusion and chaos, and this week it’s been particularly intense. People are sharing their experiences, astrology tips, and numerology insights to help others cope. This has also led to a rise in the related hashtags:  #zodiac,  #zodiacsign,  #zodiacsigns,  #taurus,  #taurusseason.  

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TikTok’s AI Goes Avatar Mode with New Profile Picture Tool: TikTok is taking its AI game to the next level by testing a new generative AI tool that creates up to 30 user avatars per day. Users simply upload three to ten photos of themselves and select up to five styles for the tool to follow when generating the avatars. The tool takes just a couple of minutes to generate the avatars, and users have the option to share them via their TikTok story or use them as their profile avatar. This new tool is a clever way to drive culture and entertain the app’s massive user base while providing further value to its community. So, get ready to see a lot more AI-generated avatars on your TikTok feed! TikTok Shop has Launched! The new social commerce affiliate marketplace connects brands with influencers to help them sell products directly to their target customers through video content, live streams, and a product showcase profile tab. While still in early testing for users in select regions, the platform already boasts over one billion users worldwide, including 130 million Americans, and its ad audience is 70% between the ages of 18 and 34. With over half of TikTok users discovering new products through “advertainment”, the potential for monetization is huge for both brands and creators alike. TikTok ban stalls as Montana governor suggests covering all foreign bases: Montana Governor Greg Gianforte amends a bill that would ban social media apps that “provide certain data to foreign adversaries,” which critics say is technically and legally unfeasible. Gianforte crossed out every mention of TikTok, but proposed that the bill should apply to all social media apps. The bill is now tighter because it will penalize companies that share Montanans’ data with foreign adversaries. If a social media company violates the law, the state’s Department of Justice can impose fines of $10,000 for each violation, with the app liable for an additional $10,000 each day. Critics say the bill raises questions about its enforceability and legality. 

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🕵️‍♂️ TikTok Clean-Up Crew: A pair of Florida-based crime scene cleaners are winning over TikTok fans as they handle blood, feces, and Coors Light cans with a smile. Tune in to see their day-to-day adventures in biohazard cleanup. 😎🧹  🌯 Chipotle Upgrade: Chipotle employees are getting a break with faster-cooking grills, digital tipping, and a streamlined TikTok menu hack. Chicken’s done in minutes, and your fave TikTokers are helping keep things simple! 🥳  🚨 “Rescue” Attempts on TikTok: People are invading abortion clinics and attempting to “rescue” women on TikTok. Anti-abortion activists are storming clinics and trying to convince pregnant people to change their minds right before their abortion procedures.