You alright? It’s on the house, and Cupid (Twin Ver.)


What we've got for you today:

You All Right?

It’s another comedic lip sync trend. Caption this with something that is making your life HARD.

It’s on the House

This is a trending sound clip from the movie The Hot Chick. Use it for a situation where you know someone else is picking up the tab.
its on the house.gif

Cupid (Twin Ver.)

This song is so super viral right now. Use it as music for any video without speaking. Great for vlogs, food videos, product videos, art and DIY, etc.
cupid trend.gif

📰 News & Updates

💼 Montana TikTok users file lawsuit challenging ban:  A group of TikTok creators have filed a law suit in an attempt to block the recently signed law that bans TikTok in Montana. The suit, filed last night and announced today, alleges that Montana’s SB 419 is an unconstitutional and overly broad infringement of their right to speech.


🎧 TikTok tests direct streaming links with Apple Music: It’s the first time TikTok has offered this kind of direct link with a streaming service, and signing Apple Music as the first partner is a powerful statement of intent. The two companies have worked together in the past though: for example in 2020 on a promotion within TikTok’s app for Apple Music trials.


🔊 TikTok launches new music service to support brands: TikTok expanded its Commercial Music Library with the Artist Impact Program to offer brands popular music from well-known and newer artists that can be used in content without copyright risks.