Baby I Work, I Need Some Water and My Check, Burn Them All To The Ground

TikTok Trend Report August 2023

Top TikTok Trends This Week:

  • Baby I work
  • I Need Some Water And My Check
  • Burn Them All To The Ground
  • She’s Kind Of A Problem
  • Law & Order

Baby I Work

When someone questions where you get your money, use this trending TikTok sound from Tokyo Toni, Black Chyna’s Mom. The sound clip is from an interview where she is being asked about her income source and whether she works or not. Tokyo Toni’s response is ‘Baby. I own businesses. I have a trucking company. Tokyo Toni’s Trucking.’

The trending sound has gone viral on TikTok with users recreating situations where they are trying to find creative ways to make money, explaining to others why they are spending money, remembering side hustles from elementary school days, or in some scenarios lying for no reason.

🎵 Sound: nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex

Sound description: You don’t, you just give them money from like your bookings and stuff now? No, I don’t have bookings, I work. I have.. You got a job? Baby. I own businesses. I have a trucking company. Tokyo Toni’s Trucking.


The trucking company must be called “Dad”😂😂😂 #plasticsurgeon #drcurves #unemployedfriend #atl #daughterfathergoals

♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex



♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex


Like get it right 🙃 #fyp

♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Me when I used to make duct tape wallets:
  • trying to make my unemployed life sound busy to my friends who have jobs
  • Me in elementary because I had a black woman owned slime business
  • me trying to convince my husband that run club IS a business 🙄🙄
  • when my mom asked me how i’m going to afford to see taylor in miami next year
  • POV: middle school me whenever smb asked for a “edit”
  • me in elementary school when my parents asked where all their laundry detergent went
  • me deciding to sell eddie munson shirts for $7300
  • When someone reminds me that I’m unemployed but I go to the gym everyday and the entire process of getting ready, working out, and coming home to shower takes 5 hours which is technically like having a job
  • me in middle school taking requests for custom short 1D fanfics/imagines for all the girlies


What is the ‘Baby I Work’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Baby I Work” trend on TikTok is a lively mix of humor, hustle, and a dash of self-pride. Drawing inspiration from Tokyo Toni’s assertive response about her ventures, especially her mention of “Tokyo Toni’s Trucking,” the trend encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and sometimes, just pure embellishment. It’s all about owning your worth, hustle, and the many unique ways people earn or have tried to earn money.

TikTokers have adopted this sound clip to shed light on their past and present hustles, from quirky childhood business endeavors like selling duct tape wallets or running a slime business, to more humorous takes on justifying leisure activities as if they were full-time jobs. The trend also delves into the art of exaggeration or the occasional fib, as users reimagine scenarios where they might overstate their efforts or undertakings for comedic effect.

Beyond the laughs, the trend also celebrates resourcefulness. From recalling elementary school side gigs to poking fun at their current money-making schemes or lack thereof, creators highlight the inventive and sometimes hilarious lengths they’ve gone to in order to make a buck or simply feel productive. It’s a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit, a wink at life’s many phases of financial creativity, and a playful jab at those times we might stretch the truth to impress or deflect. In essence, the “Baby I Work” trend stands as a testament to the TikTok community’s ability to blend humor with the hustle, and memories with the make-believe.

I Need Some Water and My Check

As Poetic Prophet NeNe Leakes once said: ‘I don’t need any of that. I need some water and my check. And that’s all I need, honey.’

This TikTok Trend is about interactions and situations where someone is asking for or expecting too much. People participating in the tiktok trend this week have shared examples of not wanting to climb the corporate ladder, take on more responsibilities, or get to know co-workers on a personal level. This trending sound can also be used for things not related to work, but that you are just uninterested in.

🎵 Sound: Just my water and my check – Amber Danielle

Sound description: I don’t need any of that. I need some water and my check. And that’s all I need, honey. I show up, I do what you ask me to do, and goodbye.


#hrtiktok #blackgirlhr #hrmanager

♬ Just my water and my check – Amber Danielle


Pizza don’t pay bills. We’re hiring remote call center agents. Interested? Click the link in our Bio. US ONLY. #workfromhome #virtualcallcenter #virtualcallcenterjobs #workfromhomejobs2023 #uglconnections #imhiring #callcenterjobs

♬ Just my water and my check – Amber Danielle


We are coworkers, not friends. Let’s leave all at work. #fyp #blacktiktok #explore #workhumor #Nene #rhoa

♬ Just my water and my check – Amber Danielle

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When your manager tries to assign extra responsibilities but you’re not trying to climb the ladder.
  • When my Supervisor asked me to do something at clock out time
  • POV: your boss tries to give you more work without a pay increase
  • When my coworkers ask me if I a want to hang out after work.
  • When they ask if I will train someone without extra pay
  • When They Say You Need To Be More Social At Work
  • When people ask for free photoshoots!
  • Me: I’m very heavy on company policies my water and my check..
  • When management asks if you want to stay after work for a pizza party
  • POV: When my boss pats me on the back for a job well done instead of giving me a raise


What is the ‘I Need Some Water and My Check’ Trend on TikTok?

The “I Need Some Water and My Check” trend on TikTok is all about setting boundaries and keeping things straightforward. Stemming from the wise words of, NeNe Leakes, the phrase “I don’t need any of that. I need some water and my check. And that’s all I need, honey,” perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of individuals wanting to remain uninvolved beyond their core duties, desires, or interests. At the heart of this trend lies the universal feeling of desiring simplicity and directness in one’s interactions, particularly in a work setting. TikTokers have creatively employed this sound to showcase instances where they’ve been asked or expected to go beyond their role or comfort zone without adequate compensation or genuine interest. From dodging additional responsibilities without the promise of a raise to avoiding forced social interactions at the workplace, the trend offers a humorous take on standing one’s ground. It’s not just limited to work scenarios; it also extends to other areas of life where someone might be asking for more than one’s willing to give. With this trend, TikTokers are not only sharing their relatable experiences but are also making a statement about the importance of valuing oneself, asserting boundaries, and ensuring that effort is duly compensated. Whether it’s about refusing to get involved in office politics or sidestepping social pressures, this trend has become a cheeky anthem for many who prioritize their peace and pay above all else.

Burn Them All To The Ground

The common theme among TikTok videos using this trend is the feeling of frustration, anger, or betrayal. The trending sound from Kim Kardashian ‘I have all the time, all the money, and all of the resources to burn them all to the f***ing ground’ is being used to describe situations where someone has been wronged in some way, whether it be by a friend, a colleague, a client, or an employer. All of the captions describe a situation that evokes strong emotions and a desire for justice.

🎵 Trending Sound: Kardashian_kimberly – k᰻mᑲᥱrᥣᥡ ᥒ᥆ᥱᥣ

Sound description: I have all the time, all the money, and all of the resources to burn them all to the f***ing ground.


😂😂😂 life of an online marketing strategist for aesthetic service providers!

♬ Kardashian_kimberly – k᰻mᑲᥱrᥣᥡ ᥒ᥆ᥱᥣ


Its giving Bad Bitch energy 💁🏻‍♂️ #coworkers #gay #work #officehumour #worktiktok #havingfunatwork #nashville #lgbt #queerownedbusiness #kardashians #kimkardashian #greenscreen

♬ Kardashian_kimberly – k᰻mᑲᥱrᥣᥡ ᥒ᥆ᥱᥣ


it’s embarrassing #imdramatic

♬ Kardashian_kimberly – k᰻mᑲᥱrᥣᥡ ᥒ᥆ᥱᥣ

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • POV your coworker is giving you dirty looks for walking in 15 minutes late but you’re the personality hire
  • when people say, wow you’ve been fighting your civil suit for SIX years?!
  • Meeting with a criminal client who has never had a private defense attorney before.
  • Me on the phone with the CEO of shein and temu for selling them $0.79 waist beads
  • When my clients use fonts and colors we didn’t agree on
  • The US CIA when a developing country doesn’t vote the way they want in the newly established democratic system they helped establish.
  • When someone dares to say something bad about Taylor Swift around me
  • Me when one of my relatives posts an old un-Facetuned photo of me on Facebook
  • when you have a fanzzzz page and they don’t approve….
  • how i act with $200 in my checking account
  • POV: When you start taking your Etsy business serious
  • POV: Someone mistreats your child at school and your best friend is a pit bull of a lawyer
  • When a brand wants me to take over their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter by myself
  • When your bestie tells you she saw a suspicious Venmo transaction made by her situationship and asks you to do some digging around


What is the ‘Burn Them All To The Ground’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Burn Them All To The Ground” trend on TikTok captures a moment of raw emotion and determination. Harnessing the impassioned voice of Kim Kardashian saying, “I have all the time, all the money, and all of the resources to burn them all to the f***ing ground,” the trend resonates with users who’ve felt wronged or slighted. It’s a declaration of one’s capacity and willingness to take on challenges head-on, often with a hint of humor and exaggeration. In the myriad of TikToks that use this sound, creators share scenarios ranging from workplace conflicts, to personal vendettas, to pop culture defenses. Some creators evoke a feeling of empowerment, like standing up to a large corporation, while others bring humor to life’s small frustrations, like dealing with unsanctioned social media posts. Regardless of the situation portrayed, the trend is underpinned by a shared sentiment of righteous indignation, and an exaggerated readiness to tackle the matter, no matter the odds. Whether they’re playfully defending a celebrity, highlighting professional challenges, or just showcasing everyday inconveniences, creators use this trend to emphasize their inner strength, determination, and sometimes, just the sheer audacity of their feelings.

She’s Kind Of A Problem

This TikTok trend uses the sound clip from Pen15 ‘Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem’. The trending sound depicts two friends sharing gossip where they go back and forth between being supportive and calling someone a problem.

People are using this TikTok trend to share their love for some lighthearted gossip or complaining about their kids or pets that they love but are just kind of a problem.

🎵 Sound: original sound – WormSodaCan

Sound description: Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem. No, and I hope that she’s okay, and I felt super bad, but I’m also like. And I love her, but like. I love her, but she is an attention w***.


jokes ily luna x #saski #officetok #fyp

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan


At least they can get along talking smack about the last child #siblingrivalry

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan


HAHAHA the whisper talks 😭🤣 #cabanandco #hairsalon #salontok #hairtok #hairstylist #hairstylistsoftiktok #blondingspecialist #hairhumor #salonhumor

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Me and my bestie having the same convo for the third time that day
  • Are my chickens talking 💩 about me?
  • us trying to be girls support girls but it’s super hard
  • When your toddler hits terrible 2s
  • when your baby is on week two of waking up at 5 am
  • My toxic trait is that this is my favorite kind of conversation
  • Me and my sisters when we gossip
  • gossiping with a side of volleyball
  • My cats talking about me after my 7th mental breakdown of the day
  • gossiping with a side of volleyball
  • My boyfriend and I having our nightly chat about our reactive dog
  • ✨Older and middle siblings talking about their problem last sibling✨
  • Gossiping with a side of softball
  • Us talking about every single person we know
  • When your baby wont let you put her down
  • Nightly conversations after putting our 3 year old to bed 5 times


What is the ‘She’s Kind Of A Problem’ Trend on TikTok?

The “She’s Kind of a Problem” trend on TikTok is a popular meme-style format that combines lighthearted humor with the relatable feelings of frustration and adoration. Originating from the sound clip of the show “Pen15”, the phrase “Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem” epitomizes the sentiment of having a soft spot for someone or something while also acknowledging their flaws. The sound paints a vivid scene of two friends trading juicy tidbits, wavering between showing concern and expressing annoyance. With the original sound sourced from user WormSodaCan, TikTokers have enthusiastically embraced the trend to share glimpses into their daily lives – whether it’s the exasperating behavior of toddlers, cheeky pets, or just casual banter between best friends. The common thread through all the clips is the light-hearted nature of the “gossip” and the underpinning love or affection the creator has for the subject in question, even if they are “kind of a problem.” Examples of this trend showcase creators speculating if their chickens gossip about them, highlighting the mischief of young children, or simply relishing in the humorous daily chats with loved ones. The versatility of the trend allows users to adapt it to a myriad of situations, making it a hit across various segments of the TikTok community. Whether it’s poking fun at a lovable but mischievous pet or sharing a chuckle over repeated conversations with friends, the ‘She’s Kind of A Problem’ TikTok trend captures the essence of light-hearted teasing wrapped in affection.

Law & Order

Name a situation that tips the scales of justice for this tiktok trend. The trending sound from the intro of Law and Order is being used to describe moments of surprise, being your own detective, and things that aren’t exactly illegal but they should be.

🎵 Sound: Law and Order – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra

Sound description: 🎶 Outro Music 🎶


5ft friends… 5ft. Thank you. 🥰 #blendedwiththewoods #growingwithkelsey #perfectlyblended #teenagers #atlanta #bonusboy #familytok

♬ Law and Order – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra


#1 leading cause for arguments and fights in college #hbcu #college #i❤️myhbcu #fyp #school

♬ Law and Order – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra


Several alibis needed 😸

♬ Law and Order – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Coming back to get your clothes out the dryer and seeing this
  • Crimes my cat has committed
  • me and bestie when we almost crash
  • When your 14 year old son brings his girlfriend on vacation.
  • Plant parents when they at non plant peoples houses 💀
  • Social media managers looking for all the images and videos their clients promised to provide every month
  • Investigating the situation like..


What is the ‘Law and Order’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Law and Order” trend on TikTok combines humor, personal experiences, and nostalgia, leveraging the iconic soundbite from one of the longest-running television shows to portray situations of perceived “injustice” or mystery, whether serious or comically trivial. Let’s delve into the elements and implications of this trend:

Iconic Soundbite:
“Law and Order” is an enduring television show known for its unique sound effects and music, which instantly reminds viewers of the show’s themes: crime, investigation, and the judicial process. The distinctive “dun dun” sound or the show’s outro music that’s trending is universally recognizable and adds gravitas to any situation, making it ripe for comedic use.

Mundane “Injustices”:
While the show deals with severe criminal cases, TikTokers humorously use the sound to highlight everyday “crimes” or mishaps, like a missing sock after doing laundry or witnessing minor social faux pas. It adds a layer of exaggerated seriousness to otherwise mundane scenarios, poking fun at how we can sometimes overreact to trivial matters.

Personal Detective Work:
Another facet of this trend focuses on TikTokers acting as detectives in their lives, such as investigating a partner’s suspicious behavior or diving deep into a mysterious social media post. This mirrors the investigative work seen in the show, albeit in a much lighter, comedic context.

Highlighting Grey Areas:
The sound is also employed to underline actions or behaviors that, while not illegal, may be considered questionable or eyebrow-raising. Examples might include socially awkward situations or things one deems “morally” wrong, though not against the law, like cutting in line or not refilling an empty coffee pot.

How It’s Being Used:

  1. Clothes in the Dryer: Relates to the universal experience of either forgetting one’s laundry or finding someone else’s laundry occupying the machine when it’s your turn.
  2. Crimes by Pets: Humorously lists the innocent but sometimes annoying things pets do, like knocking over a vase.
  3. Near-Accidents: Exaggerates the drama of minor driving mistakes among friends.
  4. Teenage Relationships: Parents being humorously overprotective or concerned about their teenage children’s love interests.
  5. Plant Etiquette: A humorous take on plant enthusiasts judging others’ plant care or lack thereof.
  6. Social Media Managers: Points out the often frustrating process of acquiring media content from clients.
  7. Investigative Humor: Using the theme to dive deep into trivial or fun personal mysteries.

In Summary:
The “Law and Order” trend is an example of how TikTok users creatively repurpose elements of popular culture to comment on or exaggerate daily life events, turning ordinary scenarios into comedic skits that resonate with a wide audience.