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TikTok Trend: AI Expand Photo Template

The AI Expand Photo Template is a new filter trending on TikTok right now that uses AI to zoom out and extend photos, and add more background that didn’t previously exist. Users are sharing their results using the AI Expand Filter and most are shocked by the results both impressive and somewhat creepy.

To create videos using the AI Expand Template, you can use the capcut template below:

AI Expand Capcut Template

Related Hashtags Trending on Tiktok: #IAutocompleta #expandetufoto

🎵 Sound: sonido original – !♪¡✿Bia Cookie✿!♪¡


#expandetufoto #IAutocompleta #expandetufoto #ai

♬ sonido original – !♪¡✿Bia Cookie✿!♪¡

What They’re Saying About This TikTok Trend:

  • This is sooo weird
  • Letting AI expand my pictures… Lowkey crazy
  • this is scary tbh, but the pics look really good💀
  • how is this filter even allowed?
  • LETTING AI EXPAND MY PICTURES..(lowkey creepy)
  • I let AI expand my pictures 🔥 This is actually pretty sick
  • what in the world of tiktok is this filter💀💀
  • Everyone’s getting creepy things but it’s just added random backgrounds on mine

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