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TikTok Trend: Art Project Picasso

Show off your latest art project whether that’s your eyebrows, a mess you’ve made, or even a mistake. TikTok videos featuring this trending sound show people or animals encountering something unexpected, such as art work from prison, a presentation with too many fonts and colors, or even a beautiful sunset.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Betch

Sound description: what’s this? It’s an art project.. okay I like it Picasso


Hahaha I’m done #lashlift #browlamination #comedy #picasso #fyp

♬ original sound – Betch


I suggest few tweaks, mike #corporate #corporateamerica #corporatehumor #workjokes #millennial #over30 #wfh #officetok #powerpoint #corporatelife

♬ original sound – Betch


Okay I like it Picasso 😙 #fyp #bride2023 #diybride #diycricut #cricut #bridesmaids #proposalbox #bridesmaidbox @cricut

♬ original sound – Betch

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When baby sends you prison art work🥰
  • when you ask your dad for a humidifier and he comes home with this
  • “What’s so special about this toilet?”
  • Me live painting at my art show:
  • when my boss sends me a PPT they made on their own that has 4 different fonts & 3 color schemes
  • Turning my car on this morning & realizing my car unlocked a new emoji
  • All of our show horses had never seen a mule before…
  • i helped build these houses
  • Early 00s fatphobia
  • me when there’s even the slightest bit of color in the sunset

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