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TikTok Trend: Baby I Work

When someone questions where you get your money, use this trending TikTok sound from Tokyo Toni, Black Chyna’s Mom. The sound clip is from an interview where she is being asked about her income source and whether she works or not. Tokyo Toni’s response is ‘Baby. I own businesses. I have a trucking company. Tokyo Toni’s Trucking.’

The trending sound has gone viral on TikTok with users recreating situations where they are trying to find creative ways to make money, explaining to others why they are spending money, remembering side hustles from elementary school days, or in some scenarios lying for no reason.

🎵 Sound: nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex

Sound description: You don’t, you just give them money from like your bookings and stuff now? No, I don’t have bookings, I work. I have.. You got a job? Baby. I own businesses. I have a trucking company. Tokyo Toni’s Trucking.


The trucking company must be called “Dad”😂😂😂 #plasticsurgeon #drcurves #unemployedfriend #atl #daughterfathergoals

♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex



♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex


Like get it right 🙃 #fyp

♬ nicki minaj is the queen of rap – alex

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Me when I used to make duct tape wallets:
  • trying to make my unemployed life sound busy to my friends who have jobs
  • Me in elementary because I had a black woman owned slime business
  • me trying to convince my husband that run club IS a business 🙄🙄
  • when my mom asked me how i’m going to afford to see taylor in miami next year
  • POV: middle school me whenever smb asked for a “edit”
  • me in elementary school when my parents asked where all their laundry detergent went
  • me deciding to sell eddie munson shirts for $7300
  • When someone reminds me that I’m unemployed but I go to the gym everyday and the entire process of getting ready, working out, and coming home to shower takes 5 hours which is technically like having a job
  • me in middle school taking requests for custom short 1D fanfics/imagines for all the girlies


What is the ‘Baby I Work’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Baby I Work” trend on TikTok is a lively mix of humor, hustle, and a dash of self-pride. Drawing inspiration from Tokyo Toni’s assertive response about her ventures, especially her mention of “Tokyo Toni’s Trucking,” the trend encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and sometimes, just pure embellishment. It’s all about owning your worth, hustle, and the many unique ways people earn or have tried to earn money.

TikTokers have adopted this sound clip to shed light on their past and present hustles, from quirky childhood business endeavors like selling duct tape wallets or running a slime business, to more humorous takes on justifying leisure activities as if they were full-time jobs. The trend also delves into the art of exaggeration or the occasional fib, as users reimagine scenarios where they might overstate their efforts or undertakings for comedic effect.

Beyond the laughs, the trend also celebrates resourcefulness. From recalling elementary school side gigs to poking fun at their current money-making schemes or lack thereof, creators highlight the inventive and sometimes hilarious lengths they’ve gone to in order to make a buck or simply feel productive. It’s a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit, a wink at life’s many phases of financial creativity, and a playful jab at those times we might stretch the truth to impress or deflect. In essence, the “Baby I Work” trend stands as a testament to the TikTok community’s ability to blend humor with the hustle, and memories with the make-believe.