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TikTok Trend: Cute, Wish I Could Get It

Throwback to Vine 2015 “How to drop a subtle hint that you want something at the store” this trend is all about dropping hints, either to a partner, a parent, or just the universe in general on something you want. Videos using this trending TikTok sound with CapCut Template are showing their dream cars, mansions on zillow, and sharing tips on how to get your partner to buy something without having to ask.

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🎵 Sound: original sound – Brittany

Sound description: Hmm, that’s cute. I wish I could get it, but…


#shopping #husbandwife #spoiled

♬ original sound – Brittany


PPD/PPA is so common, but i had never heard anyone talk abt it, so thought i was the only one #ppa #ppd #newbornphase #newmom #2023mom #expectingmoms #pregnancytips #newborntips #maternalmentalhealth

♬ original sound – Brittany


#realtor #cute #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funnyvideos #silly #realestateagent #realtor #dontbescared

♬ original sound – Brittany

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • How I play my husband to buy me what I want when he’s with me while I’m “browsing”
  • POV: You start looking up multi- million dollar listings
  • Manifesting the next chapter of my life
  • When I hear other moms say the newborn phase was their favorite & they didn’t have crippling anxiety after having their baby
  • me when my bestie just got a finished basement and didn’t even ask me if I wanted one too
  • Showing my husband Escalades every week like..
  • Me every time I’m showing my husband the homes on Cape Cod I found on Zillow.
  • Me showing my husband this car everyday until he gets its for me 😈😈
  • Me looking at the 3200 things In my Amazon cart
  • Me showing my husband Jeep Wranglers every week like…….
  • POV : You telling your husband every week call The Realtor and let’s stop renting.

What is the ‘Cute, Wish I Could Get It’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Cute, Wish I Could Get It” trend on TikTok playfully dives into the art of dropping hints. Drawing inspiration from a Vine in 2015 about hinting at wanting something in a store, this trend illuminates the comedic and sometimes aspirational ways individuals indirectly express their desires.

The sound, featuring a voice saying “Hmm, that’s cute. I wish I could get it, but…” perfectly encapsulates that feeling of wanting something but either not having the means to get it or not wanting to overtly ask for it. This, paired with the CapCut template, provides the ultimate setup for TikTokers to showcase their dream items or lifestyles, whether they’re attainable luxuries or wildly out of reach.

The trend resonates with a wide audience, from those who have playfully tried to get a partner to buy them something to those who dream about luxuries like mansions on Zillow. Each iteration is a light-hearted jest at the human desire to acquire or attain something, be it materialistic, aspirational, or even emotional.

From leveraging their husband’s presence during “browsing” sessions to manifesting luxurious life chapters, the creators tap into the shared sentiment of longing, all with a humorous undertone. This trend also highlights the universal nature of wanting something just out of reach or the sometimes comedic lengths we’ll go to try to get them, be it a new car, a home, or simply a moment of peace in the chaotic journey of motherhood.

In sum, the “Cute, Wish I Could Get It” trend is a jovial take on our human tendencies to desire and hint. It brings together a community of dreamers, jesters, and hint-droppers, making for a relatable and laugh-out-loud collective experience.

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