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TikTok Trend: Delusional Confidence

The Delusional Confidence TikTok Trend relates expectations and beliefs that are mostly unrealistic. Other TikTok users are using this sound clip from Renee Rapp to talk about relationships goals, college grades, parenting expectations, and the anticipation of a Taylor Swift announcement.

🎵 Sound: original sound – youngexwives

Sound description: is that what’s happening? 100%. And what gave you the confidence? Um, delusion.

Original Sound Clip:

How to do the ‘Delusional Confidence’ Trend


Basivally every eoisode of The Toast

♬ original sound – youngexwives

Who did I think I was taking these fools to the pool all by myself thinking it would be easy and fun #sahmlife #sahm #parentingbelike #fy

♬ original sound – youngexwives

Captions from Trending TikTok Videos:

  • “are u actually going to get a bf this school year”
  • “You really think you can balance school, sports, grades ,free time at the same time?”
  • “So you expect to get your dream bod by not going to the gym and snacking all day?”
  • Me telling myself I can pack for college in just one day (the day before I leave)
  • “are u gonna have a hoco date”
  • “You really think that there’s gonna be a new guy at school next year and you two are gonna fall in love?”
  • When I was entirely convinced that my younger sister was an ugly child when we were younger
  • “are you gonna double major and minor in college while working part-time and also having free time to do things you like”
  • When you’re convinced this is the year students will voluntarily put their cell phones in a pouch
  • “are you gonna get a gf or bf this year?”
  • “are you going to the eras tour in miami?”
  • “So do you want another baby? And what makes you think you can handle another one?”
  • “you really think your ex still wants you?”
  • i am FULLY convinced taylor HAS to announce 1989 TV tonight

What is the ‘Delusional Confidence’ Trend on TikTok?

The ‘Delusional Confidence’ trend on TikTok refers to a popular sound clip from Renee Rapp that is being used by TikTok users to discuss expectations and beliefs that are often unrealistic. This trend has gained traction as people create captions and videos showcasing various scenarios where they exhibit delusional confidence. These scenarios range from relationship goals and academic performance to parenting expectations and even anticipating announcements from celebrities like Taylor Swift. This trend has sparked humorous and relatable content on TikTok, allowing users to express their own bold aspirations and unrealistic self-perceptions.