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TikTok Trend: Gave Me the Ick

Gave Me the Ick is a trend on TikTok that refers to a sudden feeling of disgust or repulsion towards a dating partnerThe term “ick” is commonly used in dating to describe when someone does something that makes you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically. On TikTok, users share their stories of catching it and give each other tips on how to induce the feeling while lip synching to ICK by Lay Bankz

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#ick #hegavemetheick

🎵 Sound: ICK By Lay bankz – cyrus

Sound description: he gave me the ick


i do not care what your mom has to say 🫶🙌 never trust a mommas boy #ew #ick #mommasboy #fyp

♬ ICK By Lay bankz – cyrus


No because bffr

♬ ICK By Lay bankz – cyrus

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • “i told my mom abt our fight and she said…”
  • HE GAVE ME THE, “Every girl wants me”
  • He gave me the: “I’m never on my phone I’m a busy busy guy”
  • he gave me the: “i just have a lot going on”
  • “it’s ok if you leave, no one likes me anyways🥺”
  • He gave me the… “I love you” first day of talking!!
  • When I lose feelings and realize how ugly they are:
  • he gave me the: “no one likes nice guys anymore”
  • He gave me the  “Believe what you want”
  • he gave me the: “guess i’m just a terrible bf then”
  • When a guy I barely know complains about his girlfriend to me

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