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TikTok Trend: Girl Dinner

TikTok is switching it up from the inspirational and motivating nutritious meals with girls showing off their dinners that are less impressive but much more relatable. #girldinner has also been topping the charts for trending hashtags on tiktok all week. Example video 3 (old age filter + asking for girl dinner in the nursing home in 2080 wins funniest video i’ve seen all week).

🎵 Sound: original sound – karma carr

Sound description: This is my meal, I call this girl dinner. Girl dinner! Girl dinner!



♬ original sound – karma carr


my apologies to the staff in advance…. creds: @Olivia Maher #aged #fyp #girldinner #filter

♬ original sound – Becca Bastos

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • ✨girl dinner✨
  • This is my meal I call this…
  • *Girl Dinner*

What is the ‘Girl Dinner’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Girl Dinner” trend on TikTok offers a fresh, humorous perspective on meals. Instead of spotlighting lavish, gourmet, or particularly healthy dishes, users participating in this trend showcase meals that are realistically simple, sometimes random, and entirely relatable.

The essence of this trend revolves around the soundbite, “This is my meal, I call this girl dinner. Girl dinner! Girl dinner!” This catchy jingle acts as the backdrop to TikTokers revealing their unique, sometimes quirky, meal choices, emphasizing the “girl dinner” label. The sentiment seems to be a playful nod to meals that many might consider “unimpressive” or “non-traditional,” but which, in reality, many people find themselves having from time to time.

Using the hashtag #girldinner, creators have shared videos of quick fixes, random assortments of snacks, or even the occasional treat that hardly resembles a traditional “meal” but serves as dinner anyway. It’s an amusing take on the reality that not every meal is Instagram-worthy, and sometimes what’s on the plate is a mix of whatever’s available or what one is craving at the moment.

Perhaps what’s most captivating about this trend is its relatability. Many viewers watch these videos and see a reflection of their own less-than-conventional meal choices. There’s a shared camaraderie in admitting that sometimes dinner is just a random assortment of snacks or a single type of food. One standout video amusingly uses an old age filter and projects the trend into the year 2080, suggesting the timeless nature of the “girl dinner” concept.

In summary, the “Girl Dinner” trend humorously celebrates the imperfect, spontaneous meals we all occasionally have. By juxtaposing against the more polished food content often seen on social media, this trend finds humor in reality and brings a dose of relatable content to TikTok’s vast audience.

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