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TikTok Trend: Girls in a Corolla

This TikTok trend features a sound with two distinct parts. The first part is calm and relaxing piano music, while the second part transitions into wild and rambunctious party music, reminiscent of a car blasting loud music driving by.

Use this sound to highlight contrasting moments or unexpected disruptions. The captions accompanying these videos portray relatable scenarios where peaceful or ordinary situations are interrupted by energetic or lively experiences. Whether it’s reminiscing about wild party days, witnessing unexpected events, or contrasting moments with family or friends, this trend captures the balance between tranquility and excitement in everyday life.

🔊 original sound – Vanessa Sirias


#POV me trying to romanticize the sunset when my past self passes by #comedy #latinasbelike

♬ original sound – Vanessa Sirias

And I bet they got there on time too. Credit: lalocomotora #spiritairlines #spirit #fyp #finaldestination

♬ original sound – Vanessa Sirias

How People are using it:

  • Me trying to romanticize my life but a Corolla full of girls passes by
  • at 3am going to the kitchen for a late night snack, Meanwhile my brother
  • When you love being a mama but randomly miss those meatball days
  • POV: you and your bf have a different definition of a pool day
  • when your having a rough day and your cat passes by with his favorite toy
  • When you’re performing as a mermaid and the fish that lives there swims by
  • when you’re on a date with a wholesome gal but low key miss the ratchets
  • POV: you had different ideas on what the family vacation would be like
  • when you on a gaming loss streak but your gf livin her best life
  • When I’m working and see my WIFE and Kids FLY by with ICE COFFEE and CAKEPOPS, Music blasting with TARGET bags filling the back
  • When you’re getting your morning coffee after dropping your high schooler off and you see him and his friends fly by
  • Me in my happy healthy relationship era & then a car with hot girl summer group drives by.

Other Ideas:

  • When you’re in a mood and your coworkers pass by living their best life
  • Life now vs. Life before
  • When other businesses do this, but my business does this.
  • Other people’s products (boring/same) My products (interesting/unique)
  • Waking up a 5am to enjoy my coffee.. my kids at 5am
  • My product vs. other peoples product

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