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TikTok Trend: How bad can I be?

This trend is about trying something and finding out just how how bad (or not so bad) you could possibly be. Guess what? you don’t know until you try. 🫠 Use this trend to talk about something you tried that turned out even better (or worse) than expected.


original sound – bry



All because of you guys 💛 thank you #fyp #movieideas

♬ original sound – bry

“Nah I’m not addicted” #cinematography

♬ original sound – bry

How people are using this trend:

  • Me getting into a relationship with my pastors son because he was the only boy my parents approved of
  • me doing something embarrassing thinking i’ll get over it … it living with me for the rest of my life
  • “It’s just one movie idea, I’m sure it won’t go anywhere.” *gains over 2 million followers, gets signed, moves to Hollywood to meet with movie producers*
  • me deciding to unblock my high school bully: *marries him*
  • slowly getting out of the people pleaser phase… the amount of people i lost
  • “How strong can I possibly be? Let’s see!”
  • the older sibling trying  to win an argument
  • pov: you and your friend are totally diff people when it comes to skincare 😋

How you can use this trend:

  • Me trying a new way of making custom cups *turns out perfect*
  • Me deciding to start my own business at 23
  • Deciding to make custom clothes in my basement with no experience
  • Client thinking they can do their own Facebook Ads…. spends $200 with no clicks
  • Opening an etsy store with only 2 products … 3 months later