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TikTok Trend: How Often Do You Think About The Roman Empire

The “how often do you think about the Roman Empire” trend on TikTok is a series of videos where women randomly ask men how often they think about the Roman Empire.

The trend started when a post saying “women have no idea how often men in their lives think about the Roman Empire”. The trend quickly caught on, with many women sharing videos of their own partners’ responses. Some men said that they thought about the Roman Empire “all the time,” while others said that they thought about it “every day” or “once a week.” A few men even said that they had a “Roman Empire phase” in their youth.


We did some anecdotal, completely unscientific research into why men are constantly thinking about the Roman Empire. #romanempire #romanempiretrend #gladiator

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The Roman Empire is a fascinating and complex topic that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. One reason for the trend’s popularity may be that it taps into a certain stereotype about men being more interested in military history with heroism and conquest. The trend seems to play on this stereotype, and it has been met with a lot of humor and amusement.

Of course, not all men think about the Roman Empire all the time. But the trend has certainly brought the empire to the attention of TikTok.

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