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TikTok Trend: I can’t believe there are people out there

Like Kris Jenner once said (in this actual sound clip) ‘I personally can’t believe there are people that don’t subscribe to TrendZip.. It’s SICK and it’s TWISTED.’ or something along those lines… 😌

🎵 Sound: original sound – Identityparty

Sound description: I can’t believe that there are people that would do something like this. It’s so sick and twisted and I feel so violated.


Why do they hate it so much 🙁 #postoffice #fyp #krisjenner #kardashians

♬ original sound – Identityparty


nance is not having it. #capcut #roof #sleep #nap #rest #tired #gift #gifts #viral #trending #funny

♬ original sound – Identityparty

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When authors write GIANT cliffhangers
  • Booktokers when an author writes long chapters:
  • when the person across from me starts peeling off their shoes AND SOCKS as soon as the plane takes off
  • Your kids wake you up wanting a hot breakfast, when there’s perfectly good milk and cereal in the fridge.
  • POV you get in the car thinking you’re getting a pup cup and come back with a cone instead
  • Oliver Wood when McGonagall canceled quidditch
  • When my bf tells me if I want a nose job I have to pay for it myself
  • Things I Do That People Think Are Weird: Drink alkaline herbs every morning, Don’t take birth control, Fast until midday…
  • when i flirt with guys and they ask me to actually hang out with them instead of just complimenting me over text all day
  • POV: When you see people delete/ private their post if it doesn’t perform well

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