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TikTok Trend: Incoming Call

Use this sound clip of a phone vibrating with an incoming call to show off how you look staring at your phone, either in anticipation, dread, or confusion, as it rings.

🎵 Sound: iPhone vibrating ringtone – Nick

Sound description: The Sound of a phone vibrating with an incoming call


♬ iPhone vibrating ringtone – Nick


“sorry i was asleep” #fyp #foryou #fypシ

♬ iPhone vibrating ringtone – Nick

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • me trying to ignore the phone after i hung up on him for being mean
  • Me watching the phone ring after I told my little cousin we would play Roblox later:
  • when my friends actually went through with the 5am gym plans and are now outside waiting to pick me up
  • Me every time I hear this sound knowing I’m not gonna answer
  • me instantly answering my mom’s phone call so she doesn’t think that i just woke up @1:42pm
  • Me watching my phone ring when i’m in a non-talking mood. waiting to go back to scrolling on tik tok
  • Me ignoring my momma phone calls bc I know if I pick up she goin ask me to do something for her
  • Me watching the phone ring cus I only like texting


What is the ‘Incoming Call’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Incoming Call” trend on TikTok taps into the universal experience of receiving phone calls at both opportune and inopportune moments. Using the recognizable sound clip of an iPhone vibrating due to an incoming call, users recreate moments of anticipation, avoidance, or even sheer indifference as they showcase various reactions to their ringing phones. The trend resonates because it captures real-life moments everyone can relate to, whether it’s the hesitation of answering an early morning call from enthusiastic friends or the deliberate ignorance of calls when one is simply not in the mood to engage. Coupled with comedic timing and genuine reactions, the trend has become a fun way for users to share personal anecdotes related to phone calls, creating both laughs and relatable nods of agreement among the TikTok community. Whether it’s an immediate answer to a much-anticipated call or the avoidance of responsibilities, the “Incoming Call” trend encapsulates the diverse emotions evoked by the simple vibration of a phone.

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