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TikTok Trend: Say UH OHHH

Relatable moments where things didn’t go as planned or situations took an unexpected turn. From prioritizing mental health a little too much to encountering unusual circumstances at events, this trend provides a platform to humorously depict relatable moments that elicit an “uh oh” reaction. Showcase your own unexpected experiences with a touch of humor and relatability.

🔊 UH OHHH – Killa


Yes you went to highschool with them. And yes their child’s name is Makeynzee Grayce Wallen Tapioca Pudding Chevy Tahoe. 😩😩 #trending #fyp #insomnizack


How They’re Using It

  • Prioritized my mental health a little TOO much this semester
  • Pov: You thought YOU ate at prom.. until you saw the pics
  • I really woke up one day at 17 & decided to get my real estate license and now im making over 10k a month at my silly little age😭🏡
  • when it’s almost summer and the friend group is feeling weird
  • When I accidentally sent a text meant for my friend to my boss instead
  • When you work at the airport and everyone asks when their flights leaving but the pilots are on strike 😭🤦🏾‍♀️
  • when that one girl delete her couples highlight and start posting sad songs with pics of the sunset
  • My mom asked me where i’m taking her out to eat for Mother’s Day & I told her we have food at the house
  • me not booking bc she sound mean on her booking site…

Other Ideas:

  • When you order too many of your most popular hoodies and have to put them on sale.
  • When you accidentally drop your brand new necklace during a live unboxing
  • That awkward moment when you forget to ask for your customer’s name and they wait for their order like… 😅☕️
  • When you accidentally order the wrong size of the most popular item in the store.
  • When your perfectly decorated cake falls on the floor right before pickup time. Time to start over! 🎂
  • Pov: You try to show off your pet grooming skills, but the adorable puppy has other plans.

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