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TikTok Trend: Moana (Where You Are)

The trend is using the audio from the Disney movie Moana, where the character Maui sings about how he and Moana are staying on the island that gives them everything they need. TikTok users are changing the lyrics with on screen text to be about relationships, friendships, parenting, and other things they choose to do instead of the more common alternative. They are using the audio to talk about how they communicate and work things out, stay together through tough times, and choose the road less traveled.

Related Hashtags: #moana #whereyouare

🎵 Sound: original sound – Jazmin

Sound description: Consider the coconuts The trunks and the leaves (ha!) The island gives us what we need And no one leaves That’s right, we stay We’re safe, and we’re well provided And when we look to the future, there you are You’ll be okay In time you’ll learn just as I did You must find happiness right where you are


They just want to feel understood! ♥️ #mamaandkenn #mamaandken #parenting #parentingtips #gentleparenting #momanddaughter #momanddaughtergoals #momsoftiktok #viral #trending #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #whereyouare #moana #parentsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Jazmin


I need sleep to do well on my test sooo…. i guess i better go to bed @sloane 💜 did this first! #school #studying

♬ original sound – Jazmin


♬ original sound – Jazmin

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • “How are you together after 3 years?” Instead of breaking up after a fight, We talk things out, AND NO ONE LEAVES
  • That’s right we stay We learn and grow together And when we look to the future There you are ❤️
  • Instead of us breaking up after a fight… We communicate & fix things. AND NO ONE LEAVES!
  • When we look to the future…. THERE YOU AREEE!!!
  • Instead of dating for her body or just looks date her for true love 💕 and no one leaves 😌 THATS RIGHT WE STAY 😌 show real love you can provide it!
  • Instead of letting her cry while she’s getting her hair done, Her big brother picks
    her up and she’s so happy
  • Instead of smoking and drinking the pain away, We pray and look to God for help AND DONT GIVE UP OUR FAITH. That’s why we stay We’re blessed and well provided And when we look to the future.. THERE HE IS.
  • “How are you still together after 7 years?! With almost 2 kids?” Instead on breaking up after a fight We talk things out & listen to each other AND NO ONE LEAVES That’s right we stay We grow and learn each day together And when we look to the future There you are ❤️

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