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TikTok Trend: Miss Rabbit Has Fainted

Use this sound from Peppa Pig ‘Miss Rabbit has fainted. Miss Rabbit has fainted again.’ to describe – and reenact – thoughts, situations, or even actual medical conditions that would make you faint. Videos from this trend describe a variety of situations from having low iron, to having to talk to boys to get a boyfriend, to realizing you won’t be a teenager forever.

🎵 Sound: original sound – R

Sound description: Miss Rabbit has fainted. Miss Rabbit has fainted again. Faint.


♬ original sound – 💋.


It’s so hottt! But I love it 💕

♬ original sound – 💋.


#michaelbarrymore #missrabbithasfainted #comedy

♬ original sound – 💋.

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • pov: you have low iron
  • When I remember other girls see him and public and think he’s attractive
  • When I get off work and remember I have to do it again tmr
  • Me realizing I have to talk to a boy in order to get a boyfriend
  • POV: He brings you food
  • POV- you have pots
  • when i realize i don’t get to see my bestfriend every day of the summer
  • When I remember he’s looked into another girls eyes and told her how beautiful she is
  • me when i realize i won’t be a teenage girl forever
  • when I realize it’s almost July so basically it’s august which means school is starting
  • When I remember all the cringey things I said a year ago:

What is the ‘Miss Rabbit has fainted’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Miss Rabbit has fainted” trend on TikTok revolves around a sound bite from the popular children’s show, Peppa Pig, where characters exclaim, “Miss Rabbit has fainted. Miss Rabbit has fainted again. Faint.” TikTok users have creatively adapted this sound clip to depict and reenact moments, thoughts, or even genuine medical conditions that would make them feel overwhelmed or faint. The scenarios range from humorous takes on everyday struggles, like the dread of repetitive workdays, to more personal sentiments, such as insecurities in relationships or coming to terms with growing older. The trend has struck a chord with users because of its versatility; it can be used to communicate light-hearted, comedic content or touch on deeper, more introspective feelings. In essence, the “Miss Rabbit has fainted” trend encapsulates moments of vulnerability, surprise, or realization, with users playfully acting out these feelings of being metaphorically (or sometimes literally) knocked off their feet.

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