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TikTok Trend: NPC (Non-Playable Character) Livestream

People are live-streaming themselves as they emulate Non-Player Characters (NPCs) from video games. During these streams, viewers can influence the creator’s actions by purchasing virtual gifts with real currency as monetary ‘tips’ for the creator, prompting specific responses from the creator.

The creators are often prepared with specific catchphrases corresponding to different virtual gifts. For instance, the popular NPC streamer Pinkydoll has her trademark responses: when she gets an ice cream gift, she exclaims “Ice cream so good,” and upon receiving a cowboy hat, she pretends to lasso, saying “You got me feeling like a cowgirl”.

This Trend really went mainstream on TikTok when other creators started trying it and posting their success. Pinkydoll reportedly makes up to $7,000 per stream while other creators posted that they made around $300 – $500 during their first attempt at live streaming as an NPC.


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What is the ‘NPC Livestream’ Trend on TikTok?

The “NPC Livestream” trend on TikTok offers an inventive way for users to engage with their followers and capitalize on the interactive capabilities of live streaming, combined with the imaginative world of video games. Here’s an in-depth explanation of this trend:

NPC (Non-Player Character):
In video games, NPCs are characters that the player doesn’t control. They often have repetitive actions or phrases that they say when interacted with. They become familiar fixtures in many games, as they usually provide quests, sell items, or offer guidance. In a way, they’re predictable, which is precisely the attribute this TikTok trend capitalizes on.

Concept of the Trend:
Creators “become” NPCs in their live streams. Much like a video game NPC, they repeat specific phrases or actions in response to particular triggers. In this case, the triggers are the virtual gifts or “tips” viewers send during the live stream.

Interaction with Viewers:
The real allure of this trend is its interactivity. As viewers purchase and send these virtual gifts, the creator reacts in real-time with a predetermined action or phrase. This gives viewers a direct influence over the creator’s behavior and creates an engaging, game-like environment.

Monetary Incentive:
Beyond just the fun of role-playing as an NPC, there’s a real financial incentive for creators. With popular TikTokers like Pinkydoll making substantial amounts per stream, it’s no wonder others are joining the bandwagon. It turns the concept of live streaming into a profitable endeavor, especially for those who can creatively execute their NPC persona and cultivate an engaged viewer base.

Going Mainstream:
The trend’s spike in popularity is likely due to the combination of its unique entertainment value and the potential for monetary gain. As more creators showcase their earnings and experiences with the NPC Livestream trend, it encourages others to try it out, making it a growing phenomenon on the platform.

The “NPC Livestream” trend cleverly blends the worlds of video gaming and live streaming. It’s interactive, entertaining, and offers a tangible reward for creators willing to take on the role of an NPC. It’s a testament to how TikTok users continue to innovate and create novel ways to interact with their audience.