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TikTok Trend: Oh My GAWD

This TikTok trend features moments of sudden realizations or unexpected situations. The sound, with its dramatic repetition of “oh my gawd, emphasizes the surprising nature of the depicted moments. The captions accompanying the videos range from personal reflections to humorous observations and relatable experiences. This trend invites users to share relatable instances when they suddenly grasp something, remember forgotten tea, or find themselves in unexpected scenarios.




I know im not the only one haha… im not the only one right 😳#fyp #ididntmeanit

♬ OH MA GAWD – m🦇

How people are using the trend:

  • POV: You’re more than halfway through your argumentative essay and realize the other side was right 
  • when you’re simply existing and a random rush of anxiety fills your body for no reason
  • When I remember that I accidentally ghosted 3 friends, both parents, and 2.5 dates because I forgot they texted me
  • Example of why young girls SHOULD NOT touch their bodies until AFTER they hit woman hood 🫶🏾
  • when i’m casually talking to someone and I notice their eyes lock onto my wrists
  • POV: when your on FaceTime with your friend and a person from season 2 text you but we’re in season 5 with a whole new cast 
  • pov you’re having your monthly hangout with a friend and remember you haven’t spilled the most important tea you had
  • when you realize 2024 is in 6 months.
  • When I’m giving my friends a motivational pep talk and remember I’m actually in my room alone talking to the wall.
  • When I’m winning an argument with the girl who was rude to me on the bus 6 years ago and I realize I’m alone in my living room at 21
  • When I’m going to take a drink to 32A but I realize 32A asked 2 flights ago and I’m now 6 states away in my hotel room
  • When your mom told you to take the meat out the freezer and she text saying “ 5 mins away” but you forgot

How you can use this trend:

  • When you posted a discount code 10 minutes ago and only have 3 left in stock.
  • POV: you help a client 5X their revenue in 1 day
  • When you finally find the perfect t-shirt that doesn’t shrink when you wash it.
  • When a customer emails you telling you how you changed their life
  • When you’re about to hit a major milestone in your subscriber count
  • When you receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on your latest content
  • When you stumble upon a brilliant idea for your next product/service
  • When you’re trying out a new product and suddenly realize its a game changer
  • That moment when you’ve been working tirelessly on your brand, and you receive recognition from an industry expert.

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