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TikTok Trend: Oh My Goodness I Love This Question

This trend involves questions people ‘love’ to be asked, sarcastically or not.  It’s a great way to show humor in the awkward moments, appreciation for questions that are asked, and it can also be used to start conversations and get feedback on particular topics.

What is the ‘Oh My Goodness I Love This Question’ Trend on TikTok?

The “Oh My Goodness I Love This Question” TikTok trend is a way for users to show the humorous side of questions being asked, share recommendations, or advice. Some people are using the trend to  reply to questions that are asked in the comments section of their videos. Others are sharing commonly asked questions they get, strange questions or requests, or topics they actually love being asked about.

To participate in the trend, users simply need to reply to a question with the phrase “Oh my goodness, I love this question!” and then elaborate on the question or situation.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Elsie Silver

Sound description: Oh my goodness, I love this question! Um, I think that…


small town simps with filthy mouths? 🤭 #elsiesilver #chestnutspringsseries #smalltownromancebooks #smalltownromance #cowboyromance #romancebooks #romancereader

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver


I give it a month

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver


comfort is key🎧😎 #fashioninspo #everydayoutfit #winterfashion #monochromeoutfit #comfyoutfits #comfybutcute #knittedsweaters

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • when someone asks me what my books are about
  • Do you want me to buy it for you? me:
  • So how did you guys meet?
  • should we just not go?
  • Can we meet at 12:30 instead of 12:00?
  • when you don’t wear makeup and someone asks you if you’re sick 😀
  • do you think we need jackets or should we just drink enough to not notice if it’s cold
  • What are you naming your kids?
  • who is your favorite football player?
  • when you see that one question you practiced the night before in the exam/test

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