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TikTok Trend: Oh. Oh. Like, right?

The “Oh. Oh. Like, right?” trend on TikTok has people using the sound clip to express surprise, disbelief, or realization.

The trend is often used in a humorous way, but it can also be used to express genuine surprise or disbelief. For example, someone might use the sound clip if they find out they have been wrong about something, or if they learn something new and surprising.

This TikTok trend is popular is being used in a relatable and funny way to express surprise. It is also a versatile sound clip that can be used in a variety of different situations.

🎵 Sound: oh – CY

Sound description: Oh. Oh. Like, right? Oh. Oh.


i fear i am that friend though… #slay #fyp #fypシ #ate #flopera #purr #friends #christiangirlautumn #bobduncan #rosslynch

♬ oh – CY


Such a shame

♬ oh – CY

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • me when my friend shows me the person they find attractive:
  • pov: when you thought you ate the exam you took but it ate you instead
  • when the work’s beginning to feel like maybe i do belong in a kitchen
  • when u were just telling ur homegirls abt how good he’s been treating you, then he suddenly does a complete 180°
  • “you can’t bring your hyper dog with you”
  • me reading everyone elses discussion posts after submitting mine and realizing i completely missed the point
  • POV: you thought you killed the test but it killed you instead
  • When you said you were going to finish the homework but the homework finished you
  • when the advanced class is actually advanced and not just a word to make me look smarter
  • when you ask your bsf to hang but you forget your not her only friend and she’s alr made plans with someone else
  • When the full song drops and it doesn’t hit as hard as the 12 second unreleased snippet on tiktok
  • when I’m talking to my mom and she randomly says “we need to start losing weight”
  • When he doesnt stop u from fake leaving
  • when the school work’s starting to feel like maybe i do belong in the kitchen
  • When you thought ur new fit was gonna eat but it looks like you ate the whole refrigerator instead

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