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TikTok Trend: She’s Kind Of A Problem

This TikTok trend uses the sound clip from Pen15 ‘Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem’. The trending sound depicts two friends sharing gossip where they go back and forth between being supportive and calling someone a problem.

People are using this TikTok trend to share their love for some lighthearted gossip or complaining about their kids or pets that they love but are just kind of a problem.

🎵 Sound: original sound – WormSodaCan

Sound description: Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem. No, and I hope that she’s okay, and I felt super bad, but I’m also like. And I love her, but like. I love her, but she is an attention w***.


jokes ily luna x #saski #officetok #fyp

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan


At least they can get along talking smack about the last child #siblingrivalry

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan


HAHAHA the whisper talks 😭🤣 #cabanandco #hairsalon #salontok #hairtok #hairstylist #hairstylistsoftiktok #blondingspecialist #hairhumor #salonhumor

♬ original sound – WormSodaCan

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Me and my bestie having the same convo for the third time that day
  • Are my chickens talking 💩 about me?
  • us trying to be girls support girls but it’s super hard
  • When your toddler hits terrible 2s
  • when your baby is on week two of waking up at 5 am
  • My toxic trait is that this is my favorite kind of conversation
  • Me and my sisters when we gossip
  • gossiping with a side of volleyball
  • My cats talking about me after my 7th mental breakdown of the day
  • gossiping with a side of volleyball
  • My boyfriend and I having our nightly chat about our reactive dog
  • ✨Older and middle siblings talking about their problem last sibling✨
  • Gossiping with a side of softball
  • Us talking about every single person we know
  • When your baby wont let you put her down
  • Nightly conversations after putting our 3 year old to bed 5 times


What is the ‘She’s Kind Of A Problem’ Trend on TikTok?

The “She’s Kind of a Problem” trend on TikTok is a popular meme-style format that combines lighthearted humor with the relatable feelings of frustration and adoration. Originating from the sound clip of the show “Pen15”, the phrase “Honestly, like, I love her, but she’s kind of a problem” epitomizes the sentiment of having a soft spot for someone or something while also acknowledging their flaws. The sound paints a vivid scene of two friends trading juicy tidbits, wavering between showing concern and expressing annoyance. With the original sound sourced from user WormSodaCan, TikTokers have enthusiastically embraced the trend to share glimpses into their daily lives – whether it’s the exasperating behavior of toddlers, cheeky pets, or just casual banter between best friends. The common thread through all the clips is the light-hearted nature of the “gossip” and the underpinning love or affection the creator has for the subject in question, even if they are “kind of a problem.” Examples of this trend showcase creators speculating if their chickens gossip about them, highlighting the mischief of young children, or simply relishing in the humorous daily chats with loved ones. The versatility of the trend allows users to adapt it to a myriad of situations, making it a hit across various segments of the TikTok community. Whether it’s poking fun at a lovable but mischievous pet or sharing a chuckle over repeated conversations with friends, the ‘She’s Kind of A Problem’ TikTok trend captures the essence of light-hearted teasing wrapped in affection.

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