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TikTok Trend: Someone Cooked Here

The sound clip used in this TikTok Trend ‘Someone Cooked here’ is from Breaking Bad character Walter White. Users are sharing situations that give them the sense someone has been there before them. From partners learning from past relationships, siblings in their room, or pets being territorial.

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#walterwhite #breakingbadedit #someonecookedhere

🎵 Sound: Someone cooked here – Ritzecracker

Sound description: Someone cooked here.


its the chip on my lip for me

♬ Someone cooked here – Ritzecracker


BC SLAY QUEEN #greenscreen #teacher #studentteacher #firstyearteacher #pinkgirl #aestheticclassroom #classroomideas #pinterestgirl #teachertalks #teachertok #teacherootd #ootd #education #teacherinpink #collegegrad #taylorswift #tswift #erastour #classroomdecor #harrystyles #tpwk #tpt #teacherspayteachers #youngteacher #posters

♬ Someone cooked here – Ritzecracker


no because who taught you that??? it’s churawno not toronTOE babes

♬ Someone cooked here – Ritzecracker

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Tattoo artist: when my male client wants angel numbers and patchwork tattoos instead of clocks lions and roses
  • when i’m eating mcdonald’s and the food is made right and actually taste edible so i know they got the high schoolers grinding to get a car and a iphone 15 on da grill
  • when I meet an american who knows how to say toronto the right way
  • when i say “men don’t deserve rights” and he immediately responds with “other than the right to remain silent”
  • when he asked if i’m hungry and i said “no” and he still came back with a snack
  • when they come to the tattoo session with numbing cream on, in comfy pajamas with sugary snacks, a sleeping mask, headphones and already has aquaphor

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