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TikTok Trend: That Sounded Really Bratty

The “That Sounded Really Bratty” TikTok trend uses a clip of Abby Lee Miller, the dance instructor from the reality TV show Dance Moms, saying the phrase “oh that sounded really bratty” to her students. This TikTok trend is used to point out things that are viewed as being bratty or to poke fun at people who are behaving in a bratty or entitled way.

Related Hashtags: #abbyleemiller #abbylee #abbyleedancecompany #dancemoms

🎵 Sound: that sounded really BRATTY – ™️

Sound description: Oh, that sounded really bratty! Yes, it did. I didn’t think I was gonna be this good.

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • when i facetime my friend and they say “what do you want?”
  • when old ppl use “……” in their text messages
  • when you make a mistake at work and the groupchat coincidentally gets a “friendly reminder” text the next morning
  • When you’re feeding your cats and they do that impatient / loud meow
  • When I sit down next to my dog and he huffs, puffs, sighs , and rolls his eyes
  • when the 30+ yr old coworker starts giving you a little lip bc they’re older but we’re literally working the same retail job
  • When I’m telling her a story and she interrupts to say “YA IK YOU ALREADY TOLD ME”
  • when someone says “ok…” when their texting me
  • When my bf uses my government name instead of beautiful princess munchkin angel baby while speaking to me
  • when they put “per my last email” in their email to you
  • When I ask my friends if they wanna hang and they say “im down” instead of “yes my queen time with you is time spent in heaven”
  • when i ask my mom what’s for dinnner and she says “food”
  • when i BROKE MY LEG and my professor told me i had to email her the x-ray or i’d be dropped a letter grade
  • Me reading my profesors one word response after sending a heartfelt profesionally formatted email:
  • When my bf speaks to me in a slightly different tone than usual so now I’m going to spend the rest of the day overthinking
  • When my mom declines my FaceTime call and sends me the automated “Sorry, I can’t talk right now.”
  • when my mom says “I’m at work” after declining my call
  • when you pause during a workout class and the instructor says over the mic “it’s ok to have to take breaks”
  • when you ask “guess what” and they reply with “what”
  • me in my head when my literal boss gives me instruction, because i have a well masked struggle with authority
  • when i tell people I’m an art major and they say “what are you going to do with an art degree”
  • When someone asks me what I’m up to knowing that I’m unemployed

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