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TikTok Trend: This is Some Real Embarrassing Shit

This TikTok trend, like the many that have come before it, is all about embarrassing moments, often in the form of funny stories or self-deprecating jokes. The sound clip for this trend is from the Kardashians ‘This is some real embarrassing shit, and I need to deal with it. And I will deal with it’. It’s all about taking a step back and laughing at the situations we find ourselves in, and how we can learn from them.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Kardash Kingdom

Sound description: This is some real embarrassing shit, and I need to deal with it. And I will deal with it.


And by “deal with it”, i mean deal with @Santina

♬ original sound – Kardash Kingdom


This does not feel how it looks lol #embarrassingshit

♬ original sound – Kardash Kingdom


his loss 🥱

♬ original sound – Kardash Kingdom

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Seeing ur dad when ur wearing a full face of makeup
  • When I thought I was doing something really cool and told my husband to record it
  • When Everytime I plug into Apple CarPlay it tells my whole Snapchat that I screen recorded
  • me getting ghosted after telling all my friends that I think I’ve finally found the one…
  • when you accidentally text the surgeon instead of the scrub tech
  • me when I have no life plan because I vowed that I’d be famous by now
  • Me embarrassed for myself after not winning the mr beast giveaway after publicly embarrassing myself by tagging, sharing, & reposting
  • When you’re in your healing era and have to address the fact that you allowed others to treat you horribly simply because you didn’t want to lose them
  • pov: the guy you’ve been talking to for 4 months flies 1600 miles to visit you, it blows up on tiktok, and then you get a DM that he’s been talking another girl and she sends proof that he was flirting w her WHILE HE WAS VISITING YOU
  • POV: you were making a normal vase and it collapsed, so instead of tossing it you kept it
  • Me everytime I post one of my own TikTok ideas and it flops

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