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TikTok Trend: What Did You Do With The Princess

This sound clip from Shrek (the scene where Donkey sees Fiona for the first time as an Ogre) has users showing off reactions or responses to seeing others in different situations or scenarios, like sleeping over for the first time or without makeup.

🎵 Sound: original sound – Lily

Sound description: Shrek, Shrek, Shrek! No, no, it’s okay, it’s okay. What did you do with the princess? Doggie, shh, I’m the princess. It’s me, in this body. Oh my god, you ate the princess!


I cant believe Meghan is gone…😔 #meghanandjack

♬ original sound – Lily


Or when he see her without make up for the first time 😂 #shrek #funnyvideos #humor #justforlaughs #comedian #lol #fyp #foryou #relateable #contentcreator

♬ original sound – Lily


Where did my influencer friends go? #comedy #relatable #humor #jokes

♬ original sound – Lily

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • When you see your wife right as she wakes up
  • POV. Your girl gets ready and isn’t looking like Adam Sandler
  • POV: she sleeps over for the first time
  • POV: seeing your girl in the morning for the first time
  • When you gain some happy relationship weight
  • POV: your brother isn’t wearing his hat
  • POV: your bf sees you without makeup for the first time
  • When you forget your wife is pregnant
  • When you see your wife in the middle of removing her makeup
  • When you see your GF do her night routine for the first time
  • when her bump starts looking like she’s actually pregnant and not just eating good
  • meeting up w guys after snapping them and hiding my wide rib cage and linebacker shoulders