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TikTok Trend: Whateva, Whateva

TikTok is throwing it back to 2002 with this trend. WHATEVA! WHATEVA! Lady’s and Gentleman — Eric Cartmann!! This one is for those people who are unapologetically problematic, the ones that could use a little roasting – whether that’s your kid, your partner, or yourself.. no one is off limits for this trend.

Eric Cartman South Park TikTok Trend

🎵 Sound: original sound – Roo

Sound description: Well, let’s bring him out. Here’s Eric Cartman – WHATEVA! WHATEVA!


Technically im 23 and 11 months. No rent = more vacations

♬ original sound – Roo


StudentDebt…? We don’t know her 😉😎 #eggdonor #eggdonation #lol san diego fertility clinic college graduate #funny #ucsd #sdsu #harvard #stanford #ivyleague #slay

♬ original sound – Roo

How They’re Using This TikTok Trend:

  • Here’s the 3 year old that begged for a big boy bed but still sleeps with his momma every night😂
  • That one friend your boyfriend hates you going out with
  • when you finally say something in the gc and everyone stops being active
  • here’s the 21 yr old who still has to ask permission to leave the house
  • Here’s The 3 Years Old That Will Give You Attitude If You Say No🙄
  • Here comes the 4 year old grandpa that wears a collared shirt and boots every single day no matter the occasion
  • Here’s the girl who still needs a night light to sleep cause she’s scared of the dark
  • Mexican radio stations destroying 8 marriages at 6:37am on the way to school😭😭
  • When you’re the only friend in the friend group that doesn’t speak Spanish
  • Here’s the girl that carries around the penjamin like it’s a vape
  • here’s the girl who has to watch something on their phone while eating
  • Here’s the 21 year old who is still a picky eater and will choose chicken fingers and fries at restaurants:
  • Here comes our 5 year old who is as tall as a 9 year old
  • me when I revealed my new hair and everyone ended up hating it
  • the 3 year old who thinks she’s 16 bc the 10-25 year age gap between her and the rest of her siblings
  • here’s the person that thinks everytime you drink you have to get blackout drunk for it to be successful night:
  • here’s the mom who wants another baby already
    2 weeks postpartum
  • Here’s a 30 year old scared to get pregnant because she doesn’t wanna be a teen mom

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