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TikTok Trend: Where’s Rick

This sound from The Walking Dead scene where Neegan is looking for Rick, revolves around looking for something and it isn’t there, or isn’t how you expected it to be.

🔊 original sound – fil.vsp


Guess she missed the memo 🤷‍♂️ (i never sent her the memo) 🫣🤫🤭

♬ original sound – fil.vsp

How people are using it:

  • When my favorite coworker is on the schedule but their car isn’t in the parking lot:
  • when you pull up to your friends house and can’t find their dog
  • when you show up to the family event and can’t find your favorite cousin
  • When I get home and I jus wanna see my dog
  • when i run into his best friend so i know he gotta be around here somewhere
  • when you go to starbucks and the barista with a septum piercing, purple hair, and a they / them pin isn’t working
  • When the leftovers you’ve been saving all day suddenly disappears from the fridge:
  • me in my sister’s room after the leftovers i was so excited to eat vanish
  • me when i opened tiktok this morning and the font changed to the new ugly compressed letters look
  • when someone sends me a screenshot but they cropped out their battery percentage :
  • When I come home and see fast food wrappers but no food

Other Ideas:

  • My regular customers walking in looking for the coffee of the week
  • My kid looking for the toy I threw away 3 months ago
  • A customer messaging me to ask about the last ___ that just sold out
  • Customers messaging me after our limited release sells out
  • My boss looking for me when i left work early but told my coworker to cover for me
  • when i need to ship orders but can’t find my favorite scissors (show off workspace/products)

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